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A Dodo Is On The Scene To Help Us All Get Out From Under A Rock

A Dodo Is On The Scene To Help Us All Get Out From Under A Rock

Under A Rock

There is more information for Under A Rock with a bit more on the Dodo pet we will have in the mix of things in Under A Rock

The birds are coming out to help us in Under A Rock as we have a little more to the Dodo that will be in the game to help us all out. Not just to add a bit more color to the game as Nordic Trolls builds it all out, but in a way that will give us something extra to experience in the game. It also gives us a chance to actually show you all what Under A Rock has in the works with the cartoony visuals, crafting, and survival gameplay that will overtake the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC when it does finally launch to the world out there. Let us have a look at what is out there and how this little bird might be changing things up for our experiences.

The Dodo was shown back when Under A Rock was first announced but it looks as if it was only there to be there, add some color, and maybe some humor along the way. As things get further updated and Gameforge offers everyone a bit more on the details, it would seem that this little companion will be doing more than that. As it sounds, the Dodo might be able to quickly carry a few things around for us in Under A Rock as it will scurry about and zip through the different locations of the world. Although, it does look as if there will be some danger for this creature and most likely we will lose all gear it has if it is crushed under the weight of some enemy weapons. See it explode in some colorful ways just below.

Under A Rock — Announcement

Open-world survival craft game Under A Rock recently introduced the adorably dopey Dodo. Arriving on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, the mysterious and colorful island of Under A Rock will soon be your playground. There will be no shortage of wonders to experience as Under A Rock’s world is filled with spine-tingling secrets to uncover and exotic, primitive creatures to befriend and tame (if you’re brave enough!)

Few critters are quite as renowned as the adorable Dodo – but in Under A Rock’s vast island environment, these flightless birds are far from being prey and are actually one of the most helpful animals that you will encounter.

Bright and bold, the Dodo’s multi-colored plumage makes it easy to spot in the game’s various biomes. However, their skittish nature makes them tough to catch, and you’ll need to tread slowly and carefully so as not to scare these poor birds off! Your patience will be rewarded, though, as they are the fastest mount you can acquire.

Built for speed, Dodos can’t carry much at all, but it means you’ll zip through Under A Rock’s tropical forests, soft sandy beaches, and (potentially) treacherous plains quicker than you can imagine!

And it’s not just traversal by foot (or claw?) either, as in Under A Rock, Dodos get around the whole inability to fly thing by gliding and drifting. Live life on the edge and jump from cliffs to soar through the air like a feather in the breeze.

Perhaps their most adorable feature is their loyalty. Treat your Dodo with care and protect them during terrifying storms (where they’re prone to running away and seeking shelter), and these nervy birds will reward you with their impressive devotion. Dodos love to wear hats and armor, too, meaning you can coordinate outfits and roam the island in style – which may just be a cooler characteristic than being able to fly!

Key Features of Under A Rock:

  • Expect The Unexpected: Featuring procedural world generation, no two playthroughs of Under A Rock will be the same. A once-safe base could be riddled with danger the second time around, and you will need to stay on your toes to keep up.
  • Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover: They may seem cute and cuddly, but some of these creatures sure pack a punch. Fight, tame, breed, and ride various creatures…or you can develop your cooking skills for nourishment and other potential benefits in efforts to survive various biomes, curses, diseases, and the forces of nature.
  • It Builds Character: You can create your own unique looks with the in-game character creator, offering a variety of diverse customization options
  • A Not So Desert(ed) Island: Explore this mysterious island together with co-op multiplayer support for up to 10 players

Under A Rock is in development for Windows PC, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5. It is available to wishlist now via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

It is still a little unclear how the Dodo will fully function in Under A Rock, but it does seem like it will be a fun companion that can haul a few things. Maybe we can also use it as a landmark indicator in the game with the colors standing out and shining bright in the mix. We will get to ride it, if the cinematics and video above are a good indicator too. For now, though, we will go back and live under a rock and wait to see what else will come for this survival game out there. That is how it all looks like it will be instead of the action and exploration title the cinematics make it all out to be.

Have you been living under a rock and missed the original announcement for this game or is this something you have been looking forward to for a while now? Do you think that the Dodo will function any different than we see here or will it be a beast of burden and nothing much more? How else will we be able to use the creature in the game and will we lose everything if it gets smashed along the way? Head on down to the comment section here and discuss if you so wish. We should have more for Under A Rock as development pushes forward, so please keep on coming back here to see and hear it all as it happens.

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