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A New Horror Toy Is Hunting Us In Do You See Sparky?

A New Horror Toy Is Hunting Us In Do You See Sparky?

Do You See Sparky?

A new horror title, Do You See Sparky?, is announced and on the way to have us solving so many puzzles while running from Sparky

The evil toys keep coming for us all out there with the new announcement we have for Do You See Sparky?. No, that is not a question that we are seeing the new game but the actual title. It is hard sometimes when the punctuation is mixed into the titles like this. I am sure that Clapperheads have a better reason for that, but that is a whole different issue for us to look at. For now, we are just going to dive into the announcement and basics for Do You See Sparky?. Again, not a question but us just getting ready to see the darkness and weirdness we will be experiencing here soon.

Do You See Sparky? will have us and up to four other players heading out to an abandoned children’s camp where the titular toy is stalking us as we try to solve some puzzles. Puzzles that will give us crystals that will be needed to use to save the day. There will be sixteen different monsters hunting us as we only have in-game walkie-talkies to communicate between. That is if we miss the visual cues that one of them is nearby and trying to end our lives. Have a look and see if Do You See Sparky? is going to add to the genre and gameplay style or just be another that we theorize about during the time it has in the zeitgeist.

Do You See Sparky? — Announcement

Developer Clapperheads and publisher Heart Core LTD are excited to unveil Do You See Sparky?, a new first-person co-op horror game with social deduction elements and tense gameplay. What creature lies within the creepy Sparky doll, and will you survive long enough to escape its clutches? The clock is ticking.

Do You See Sparky? features tense games where communication is only possible through in-game walkie-talkies and visual cues. While the Sparky toy is creepy in its own right, it’s what lies within that’s truly terrifying. There are 16 different monsters that can inhabit the Sparky toy, and figuring out which one hides inside is key to making it out alive. In addition, one player starts each game marked and Sparky automatically gravitates toward them. The only way to escape the mark is to pass it on to another player, but doing so may spell their doom…

Brought to life by a talented development team known for their work on Hello Neighbor, and Gripper, and featuring art by horror artist Adam Woodsmith, Do You See Sparky? takes place in an abandoned children’s camp that features a stylized ‘liminal spaces’-type art direction. Players must collect clues, solve puzzles, and run for their lives against the various monsters inhabiting the titular Sparky toy. Escape isn’t always enough and survival isn’t guaranteed.

Key features of Do You See Sparky? include:

  • PvE-vil: One-to-four players must band together to hack terminals, solve puzzles, collect clues, and escape the terrifying clutches of Sparky. But be warned, the longer the game goes on, the faster Sparky gets!
  • The Terror Within: The Sparky suit can be inhabited by dozens of different monsters, each with unique movement abilities and dietary preferences. Figuring out the right creature can mean the difference between life and death!
  • Scoot Scoot!: What better way to flee for your life than with your very own scooter? I sure hope Sparky doesn’t know how to ride these things.
  • I Don’t See Where You’re Coming From: One player starts the game marked and Sparky automatically gravitates towards them. The twist? The marked player can’t see Sparky, although they can pass on the mark to another player — if they play their cards right.
  • I See Where You’re Going: Death isn’t the end as you can still spectate the game via security camera and help — or hinder — other players in their attempt to defeat Sparky.

Will you be scared of Sparky in this game or will it be one of the other monsters we have yet to see that will get you? Do you suspect that we will have a similar gameplay loop over and over with just a few things swapped out? How well do you think the in-game communication will flow or will gamers move to use things outside of the game to communicate instead? Take to the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish. We will keep an eye out for more for Do You See Sparky?, so please keep checking in for all of that and everything else that we have out there.

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