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Aggrocast Episode 27: We’re Back

Aggrocast Episode 27: We’re Back

EPISODE 27: Michael, Brian and Binh are back with the brand new Aggrocast

Hello faithful readers and listeners. As many may know, when we launched Aggrogamer.com, we brought the Pwned.com Podcast, Total Meltdown, over with us. We changed the name of it to the more suitable title of Aggrocast.

We retain the same cast of Michael (G-Nitro), Brian (Quiglin), and Binh (Church). We also kept the same format but moved around a bit to settle in properly with the site, and we also made sure the same craziness, humor and entertainment is still there.

With that, we hope you enjoy the new Aggrocast, as we really enjoyed being back on the podcast scene after a few weeks off. So check us out, and please rate and review us on iTunes. We are hoping Zune accepts it soon and look forward to posting the link to there as well.

EPISODE 27 Description: Michael, Brian and Binh are back with the brand new Aggrocast. We discuss the launch of Aggrogamer.com, the games we’ve been playing, our Bargain Bin selections, and our E3 Predictions for this week.

U-Tan! U-tan tan!

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