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Alien Isolation Is Proof The Franchise Will Never Die

Alien Isolation Is Proof The Franchise Will Never Die

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation has been announced from Sega and Creative Assembly games but will it be the Aliens game we hoped we were getting before?

During the hullabaloo of CES it looks like Sega announced a new Aliens title, Alien Isolation. Yea, after the huge fiasco that was Aliens: Colonial Marines, it looks like Sega and 20th Century just doesn’t want to let the franchise fall aside and let the fans still love what they already loved. One bonus that Alien Isolation does look to have is that it is being handled by a new studio, so there is that. Why don’t we take a look at the announcement trailer and see what is going on here.

Ok, so that doesn’t look half bad at all and I am digging the fact that it looks like there are going back to the horror side of things with Alien Isolation. Granted this is just a first look and announcement so there is plenty of time for Creative Assembly and Sega to shock and awe or completely let us down with this game. That will only be told in time though. I am of course hoping for the prior than the latter, but yea…

So what else do we know about Alien Isolation? Well, it is set in the timeline about 15 years after the events of Alien (The first film) and you play as Amanda Ripley (The daughter of Ellen Ripley A.K.A. Sigourney Weaver’s character). It looks like madness has hit the ship that Amanda is on and not only will she need to find gear to survive the ruthless Alien hunting her but somehow the panicked populace of the ship will be standing in her way of survival as well. I’m guessing something akin to all the non-zombie issues that plague the characters of The Walking Dead and such.

So far so good Creative Assembly. Please don’t let us down and wish that the Alien franchise died before Alien Isolation and that it can live on through this new title. At least the above video and below screenshots show a huge promise over the publisher’s last failings in an Alien game. I will be staying cautiously optimistic for now though.

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