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More Assassination Attempts In Styx: Master Of Shadows

More Assassination Attempts In Styx: Master Of Shadows

Styx: Master Of Shadows

Another gameplay video for Styx: Master Of Shadows has been released showing off more of the assassination attacks we’ll get to use we the game launches

We are only days out from the launch of Styx: Master Of Shadows which is looking more and more like an awesome sleeper hit of 2014. We’ve had some great looks at the game up until now and should have a great grasp for how it will play and feel on our PS4s, Xbox Ones, and PCs. If you still have not seen or heard about anything on Styx: Master Of Shadows then I implore you to take a look back at everything that has lead up to Cyanide’s better version of Thief before it hits home on October 7th.

WAIT!!! Don’t click out just yet though.

If you are still here or came back then we have an extra treat for Styx: Master Of Shadows and all of us out there excited for the game to launch. We have another look at all of the ways that we will be able to handle all of those pesky humans wandering about the levels with Styx. We’ve had a look at a few of the crazy ways that we will be killing people but now we have “Death By Fruit Bowl” added in with the latest gameplay video just below. Granted it is just a deviation of the poison vomit attack that we’ve seen before in other videos for Styx: Master Of Shadows but it’s a fun twist. Deal with it.

I’ll let you be the judge here for now though. Have a look and see the few new ways to murder with style in Styx: Master Of Shadows. I hope I’ve been able to express my excitement up until now. I, neigh We, need a great game to add into the mix here.

Styx: Master Of Shadows — Assassin’s Green 2


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