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Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden Gets Even More Emotional With The Latest Story Trailer

Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden Gets Even More Emotional With The Latest Story Trailer

Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden

The story of the Banishers gets filled in even more just before the final launch of Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden next month

It feels like with each new trailer for Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden we are getting to see how deep the story is going to go for the game. An aspect of all of the games that DON’T NOD put out there, and it looks like this one will be just as deep. We will know for certain on February 13th when we finally get to join our Banishers on their quest on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Along with that, we will also get to see even more of the haunts we will have to put down or pass on in the game. All in the new trailer we have for the game that may or may not spoil little things, so take that as your first spoiler warning before carrying forward.

For those that have been following along, and just want the quick overview of what we have for Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden here, it is more about the emotional story that Red and Antea will be going along as they continue their quest through New Eden. They get to meet even more of the ghosts and entities roaming the land of the living while showing off just how Red will need to uphold his oath to the Banishers’ code or misuse it to try to bring Antea back from the dead. Something that looks to be more of a morality choice than we have had in any of the developer’s past titles. Especially as we see that Antea is not fully onboard and this could lead to a bigger riff between the two than the shroud of the living and the dead. Truly gripping stuff indeed.

Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden — Story

Preorder the Action-RPG Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden now and receive the “Wanderer Set” for free when the game launches on February 13.

Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden’s emotionally charged Story Trailer reveals a tale of love, sacrifice, and tragic fate.

New Eden, 1695: Antea and Red are lovers and Banishers, trained spirit-hunters, protecting people from lingering specters. But when tragedy strikes and Antea herself becomes a ghost, the catastrophic turn of events leaves Red torn between upholding their oath to protect the living from malevolent spirits and save Antea from her condition.

Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden will be released on February 13, 2024, on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Even though we have seen so much for our Banishers here, it still feels as if there is even more hidden for us to explore. Not only in the game but in the motivations of the two characters and the world we are about to inhabit out there. A nice little balance that the marketing has had to take so we can get excited while not spoiling things in the mix. It would be a bad choice to let us know that there are only two endings to it all based on how we choose to go with the various ghosts in the lands. What would make for a different story is if our Banishers need to only do enough to bring Antea back to life and keep the code along the way to get the best ending. While going all-in and fully defying the oath would lead to Antea coming back to life but killing Red for breaking all of the trust along the way. Grim, sure, but it’s a story I could see playing out if we take all the darker options.

Do you think that you have seen too much of the story for Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden so far or do you think we have only seen a small bit? Do you think we could get some massive twist based on all of our actions or will it be an all-or-nothing ordeal? What do you think the reason for some of the weirder entities will be and will there be a hierarchy of things in the afterlife? Head to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we can offer out to the world. When we have more to share for Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden, do know we will share it all here. Please keep on coming back to see and hear about all of it in due time.

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