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BattleCry Studios Has Announced Their First Title…Battlecry

BattleCry Studios Has Announced Their First Title…Battlecry


Bethesda and BattleCry Studios have just announced the studio’s first title Battlecry in wonderful CG trailer form.

Some of you may have heard of BattleCry Studios being founded back in 2012. Some of you, maybe not. None the less after two years of being in service it looks like we are getting a look at the developer’s first title that just also happens to share the company’s name; Battlecry. Not many points on being creative in naming either the title or the company but at least most of us will never forget one or the other. Hopefully Battlecry doesn’t suck or the studio will always have to live with the stigma. Hope they thought about that.

So what is Battlecry?

From what has been announced, Battlecry is a 32-player, fast-paced, all-new, extra-hyphenated-phrase, action combat game. Players will take on the role of a particular class of fighter on the Royal Marine side or the Cossacks side in a world where gun powder has been banned, but lasers have not, after a world ending war at the beginning of the 20th century. All conflict is handled in apparently handled via head-on battle between these factions in a gladiatorial style manner. Oh, and it looks like there will be some form of Steampunk gadgets in the mix too. At least from the look of the CG trailer below.

Battlecry is slated to be free-to-play on the PC with a Beta coming in 2015 but if you want to take a look at some in-game shots those are a little bit lower than the trailer. The art style looks quite close to Borderlands or Dishonored to me but if it can keep the pace and interest like the CG trailer I can see Battlecry being a fun game to keep the studio’s name unsullied and in business until they can pump out their next major title. We’ll have to see.

As of right now Battlecry is slated to be on the show floor for E3, playable to boot, so keep an eye here as it has piqued my interest enough with just what has been shown for me to try and get my scrubbed clean hands on it. Once I do, expect more on if naming the studio and first title the same will keep BattleCry Studios in business.

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