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Become The Traveler In The Upcoming Title Called Exodus

Become The Traveler In The Upcoming Title Called Exodus


Another Sci-Fi adventure, Exodus, is on the way to us all with Exodus taking us a bit through time in the universe along the way

The Sci-Fi adventures out there will keep on going with the reveal for Exodus for us all to see and get excited over. As long as you are ready to get excited for the little bit of gameplay that Archetype Entertainment has been ready to offer up. All of that with a bunch of the story we will get to experience when Exodus does come out there on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. When that will be, is still a mystery, but we do have some fun flashy videos to look at to see why we will be crossing over the sands of time to get to a new ending for the humans out there in the universe.

As it looks like in Exodus, we will be part of a team that has embarked out into the universe to find something to stop a bigger evil after fleeing Earth because humans have ruined it again. There is that running theme again. After finding it, our duo is split and one is shot through a bit of some time dilation all to become the next big hope for Humanity to carry on. All while digging into the action-adventure side of gaming with some other RPG elements added onto it all. Something you can get a little look at after the big reveal for Exodus here. If that is not enough for you, you can also look lower to see a longer version of this story to see just how our Travel gets to the new future and just what all of that might mean for the overall game out there. It is flashy and exciting, to say the least of it all.

Exodus — Cinematic Reveal

Archetype Entertainment took the stage at The Game Awards to provide a first look at Exodus, their epic new sci-fi action-adventure role-playing game. The debut game from legendary RPG creator James Ohlen’s new studio is a next-generation, story-driven RPG that marries cinematic storytelling with deep emotional impact featuring broad player agency and modern AAA gameplay. The story is fueled by the consequences of player choices due to the impact of Time Dilation, and how they change the lives of those we love most.

In Exodus, humanity has fled a dying Earth, finding a new home in a hostile galaxy – here, we are the underdogs fighting for survival. As The Traveler, you are humanity’s last hope. Your job is to steal alien weapons and technology from the most powerful beings in the universe, the Celestials – humanity’s greatest enemy. But there’s a catch – Time Dilation. As Travelers on interstellar missions, days for you are decades back home. The sacrifices you make to protect your loved ones create unpredictable consequences that change your world — reshaping the future. Returning home, you confront the consequences of your choices. In Exodus, the outcome of those choices manifests at a massive level, compounding over generations.

Exodus — Become The Traveler

While there is not much substance out there yet for Exodus, it does look like it could be going down with some fun action and adventure style of gameplay. Even if some of it does look as if we will be running and gunning around alien worlds and trying to stop some alien god-like beings in the mix. I would like to see more of the actual gameplay before I let my excitement go off the rails, but the story does feel like it could be another gripping one out there. As long as you did enjoy the other stories that Exodus seems to be taking inspiration from to get here. Interstellar is one that quickly comes to mind but there are many others like it. Wrap some great gameplay around that, though, and we have one massive title we can all enjoy.

Where are you at with the excitement for Exodus so far out there? Do you think it will be more than just a good story or will that be the bigger thing it has going for it here? Will there be some twist in the game where we will get to go back in time as long as we do not thwart the Celestials in this game? Head into the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have to share with you here. Please keep on coming back to the site to see and hear about all of these things as we head into the new year and beyond. Once again…

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