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For Whom The Bell Killer Tolls In Murdered: Soul Suspect

For Whom The Bell Killer Tolls In Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect

A new trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect has been released showing off the Bell Killer, main antagonist, and his kills.

Now this is the kind of trailer I have been waiting for to come out for Murdered: Soul Suspect. It doesn’t show off any new mechanics or non-scripted gameplay but it does show off more of the story and not just the three same scenes we’ve seen since the announcement of the game. More so, there is more on the Bell Killer, he’s now names, and all the madness that he or she is causing throughout Salem as if murdering Ronan wasn’t enough. Then again if that was enough Murdered: Soul Suspect wouldn’t have much of a story for us to play through now would it.

I am sure most of you might also be questioning why I would say this is what I have been waiting for from Murdered: Soul Suspect. That is because up until now nothing has made it feel like a crime drama mixed with the supernatural until now to me. Everything we’ve seen before has made it out to be a ghost story surrounding a cop who has to solve his own murder. Now it truly feels like a crime drama where the “hero” happens to be a ghost. If that makes sense to you. It just seems to fit in with the announced genre to me now. Deal with it.

For those who could care less about the overall story and just want to see Murdered: Soul Suspect in action, here is the trailer for you to see. It does show off some new locations and the Bell Killer doing apparently what the Bell Killer does best and not just to Ronan. Have a watch and let us know if you are more or less excited for Murdered: Soul Suspect to land on June 3rd or 6th.

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