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The Best PS Vita To PlayStation 4 Hack To Date From A Youngster

The Best PS Vita To PlayStation 4 Hack To Date From A Youngster

If you have ever wanted to fully take your PlayStation 4 games on the go with your PS Vita then here is a hack for you. Most of this was thought up by a young child.

When the PlayStation 4 was first noted to be able to allow for remote play I was all stoked with the promise it could bring. More in the terms of being able to keep my PS4 games going no matter what is going on in my real world. Yes you can read that as I want to keep gaming as I poo. Colorful, I know. Given all of that though, I have felt a bit hampered as most of my PlayStation 4 titles are not really designed with my PS Vita in mind. There are no triggers on the Vita and it is a bit unwieldy using the on board thumb sticks. That being said, it looks like my woes, and yours, may be over for the most part.

If you direct your gaze below you can see an amazing “hack” to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita that will keep you gaming on the console while staying mobile. It will require you to have two Dual Shock 4 controllers and some rubber bands or Velcro straps but it is quite innovative so you don’t have to miss out on your PS4 games as much. Let me break it down a bit so you don’t have to watch the full video to get started if you want.

First you will need to have two Dual Shock 4 controllers hooked up to your PlayStation 4 and a “dummy” account that is not hooked up to your PS Vita. While you are hooked into the Vita, you will need to remote play and swap over to the “dummy” account to unlock the PS4 controller back into play. This should allow your PS Vita to be used as a monitoring device while allowing you to still have full use of the PS4 controller and game. Like I said, there are better details in the video.

From there all you need to do is figure out a way to “mount” your Vita to the DS4 and then you can play your PlayStation 4 games in a way that you will most likely want to. This is also described better in the video, but it pretty much consists of you lashing your Vita to the top of the controller using the two lower “charm” slots on the Vita and the controller grips themselves. I would think that there could be a 3D printed kind of thing for this, and most likely will be soon, but it is what it is. It was developed by a child who got tired of trying to hold both Vita and DS4 controller after all and not some big company.

It isn’t a prefect “hack” to get the job done as you still have to fight with the screen dimming on the Vita as you play. Also the fact that if you are a trophy hunter you will have to sacrifice gaming time on one of the machines from the sounds of it. But hey, it is a way to have a full gaming experience while you poo are on the go.

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