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The Best Viral Marketing Award Goes To Watch_Dogs And Ubisoft

The Best Viral Marketing Award Goes To Watch_Dogs And Ubisoft


Ubisoft set out to give real people the real world experience of Watch_Dogs in their latest marketing campaign.

I think the headline here covers exactly what is going on with this latest bit of marketing for Watch_Dogs. In this latest bit I think we can all agree would be the most game selling experience if anyone ever experienced it and didn’t even know that Watch_Dogs existed. Yes, this is that cool.

What happened here? Well the marketing geniuses behind Watch_Dogs set up an entire street and cell phone shop to give random passersby the full experience that is every day for Aiden in the game. I mean that in the most literal sense as possible too. The gag runs as thus:

  • Random person enters the shop to get their phone fixed
  • The technician fixes the phone and adds an extra free app
  • The technician then shows the ‘mark’ how the app can ‘Hack The Planet’
  • Amazingness ensues as will happen in Watch_Dogs
  • Then tragedy strikes
  • Then things are revealed

That is about the gist of it but the below video shows everything in a much more awesome way. I think I would personally shit myself if I got to have this Watch_Dogs experience for myself but that would be more out of the production value over the shock value that all of these people in the video had instead. Major kudos on this Ubisoft. This is how to sell a game like Watch_Dogs

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