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Bethesda Is Going To Show You The Evil Within

Bethesda Is Going To Show You The Evil Within

The Evil Within

Given all the horror and evil in the world right now it seems perfect time to announce Bethesda and Tango Gameworks’ new title The Evil Within. This is what the Bethesda has been teasing with the Vine clips they have been posting. You can see the full announcement trailer below if you are finished with being teased.

So far, details are extremely sparse on TEW. Outside of the announcement and following images, the only other concrete detail is that it is being helmed by Shinji Mikami. He’s better known as the creator of the Resident Evil franchise. The games, not the films. So that can be seen as a plus for the new IP right?

Outside of that all we know is that it will be coming to the PS3, 360, PC, and the ‘next gen’ consoles sometime in 2014. As we get more info we will update everyone.