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Burning Down Gotham With The New Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

Burning Down Gotham With The New Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

Batman: Arkham Origins

With the below trailer straight out of Gamescom, we are up to five of the eight assassins hunting Batman in Arkham Origins now. There are still loads of other villains, NPCs and sidekicks announced as well, but now we can add Firefly to the list of killers. Also it looks like there might be some pretty damn cool fight/flight scenes mixed in with this new character as well. Keep an eye out in the trailer and you’ll most likely see what I am talking about. Also keep an eye out in case you missed all of the other villains and NPCs that have been announced thus far as they are all interwoven into this pretty bad ass trailer.

I do have to say it is pretty interesting that Alfred is kind of shown to be human in this trailer whereas before he’s been alluded to being just a computer program. Does this mean we might see Alfred’s death in AO or maybe just that we were all lead to think he was just a smart computer like Jarvis in the Iron Man films. I think to land more of an impact it would be the death that would lead to Bruce becoming a bit darker and better tactician in the later years of the story. Then again I could be way off.

Either way, take a gander and enjoy. Not too much longer until October 25th now.

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