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Can We Cut To An Official Fallout Film Now?

Can We Cut To An Official Fallout Film Now?

Another ‘fan film’ for the Fallout universe has surfaced, Fallout Lost/Found. Here’s what is known.

It’s been a bit since we had a ‘fan film’ service to Fallout with Nuka Break so I guess it is time for another with Fallout Lost/Found. What is Fallout Lost/Found? Yet another fan short that will be making the rounds keeping all Fallout fans clamoring for a full on feature film or maybe an episodic show the likes of The Walking Dead. That sounds like I am not interested or excited to see this unfold but I am. I am just hopeful that Bethesda would have taken all of the fan love and give them what they apparently want.

Either way, let’s dig into Fallout Lost/Found and see what we can hopefully be looking forward to.

From the description on the website, falloutlostfound.com, the story revolves around a character named Mika. Who is she? Well, Mika is a ‘battle tested courier’ who is delivering a package across the Mojave Desert in the Fallout universe with her companion Scrappy Boy. A group of NCR troopers are not good with that so they attack them and Mika makes it out alive. Now she is on a mission to get Scrappy Boy back and hopefully the lost package. Sounds…odd to me.

What do you think? Do we need another Fallout ‘fan film’ with Fallout Lost/Found? Should we just push and hope for an official Fallout film or show by now? I know all of you diehard fans out there have an opinion so let it be heard. Hells, Blue Rock Media and Squadron, those producing Fallout Lost/Found, have even set up a way for you to get involved if you are so inclined. Either way, let us know below.

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