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Chasmal Fear Gives Us More Of The Body Cam Horror We Might Need

Chasmal Fear Gives Us More Of The Body Cam Horror We Might Need

Chasmal Fear

New gameplay for Chasmal Fear is out there to tease a bit more of what we will play with when Chasmal Fear launches

The body cam footage games seem to be the next big wave of titles we are going to get with Chasmal Fear offering up some fun new gameplay for us all to enjoy. This is a new title coming out of MystiveDev that has been built in the Unreal Engine 5, as many others have been, that will be leaning more into the horror of things instead of the more realistic monsters out there. Take that as you will, but Chasmal Fear offers up some gameplay with many more monsters and hulking beasts than we have seen in any of these other entries into the ‘genre’. Let us have a look and see if this will keep us all glued to our PC once it gets released into the world in 2024.

If you have missed the previous updates for Chasmal Fear out there, this is a single-player or two-player co-op action horror title that uses the body camera look to add some extra realism into the game for better immersion. As immersed as we can get as we take up the role of a character that finds themself in a mysterious underwater facility doing some shading thing. Shady things that have mutants and monsters running around and trying to help us finish with all of our living. Thankfully, there are weapons and ammo out there to defend ourselves with. Although, as with many games like Chasmal Fear, that will be limited so we will have to make do with what we have or choose the other option of valor out there. That being with us sneaking past or running away when force is no longer an option. Have a look at the new gameplay to see a few sections clipped together so we have a better feel.

Chasmal Fear — Gameplay

Chasmal Fear is a next-gen FPS action horror game built in Unreal Engine 5 from the perspective of a body camera. Manage limited resources, make smart choices that affect your playthrough, and survive monsters that mutate to get stronger. Played single-player or Co-Op with 2 players.

Given that the body cam look is a new vibe coming out there in games, Chasmal Fear is going to have to do a bit to stand out from the others if it wants to shine. Going into the horror aspect is one step, but we have others doing the same thing already. Giving us some co-op is a nice touch so we do not have to go in fully alone. Oddly, though, I feel it is going to have to come down to the animations and further immersions to do this better. Chasmal Fear still feels like a first-person shooter just with the fisheye lens slapped on. This comes down to the placement of the camera being where it normally is and the gore getting wiped off as we would a normal facemask. Something that players are used to, but does not hit the full body camera feel just yet. If the gun placement and hand movements made it feel like we were looking for a different part of the body, I think it would hit better for me. It is still early in the cycle, so that feels like it is something that could be changed along the way.

How do you feel about all of the body cam titles we seem to be getting now and will Chasmal Fear be able to stand out? Do you think it would be better if our viewport was slightly off from a normal head mount or would that make it too difficult for players to enjoy? What do you think the story will be for why we are heading in and could we just be basic humans that fall into a bad situation out there? Take to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have on the site. We should have more to offer up for Chasmal Fear, so please keep on checking back for all of those updates and many, many more as we head into the future. I have high hopes for it all, and we would not want you to be left behind out there.

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