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Check Out The Newish The Evil Within Trailer

Check Out The Newish The Evil Within Trailer

The Evil Within

This weekend is the Tokyo Game Show and we are slated to get a whole lot of new gaming information that isn’t revolving around GTAV. For instance, we have below a nice High Quality trailer for Bethesda and Tango Gameworks’ survival horror game The Evil Within. Psychobreak for those who caught the pre-show press conference from Sony. In either form, we have the nice and short game play trailer for the game below.

Before you watch it, don’t get your hopes up too high as to seeing anything really new for the game since E3 here. In fact most of it looks like clips from the demo that was shown already with a few of the short scenes already shown via screen shots. Also there is no real update to the game play, characters, controls, or anything other than the fact that it is still in the works and coming in 2014. Aren’t these trailers all kinds of fun with no real substance? Not really.

I am not looking for spoilers mind you, but something in regards to how the game will handle as well as to why we need to care that the main character doesn’t meet the business end of chainsaw would be nice. To be honest I am still feeling like this is all in the line of duty to some cop who could easily be an “acceptable loss.” There is still loads of time to get all of that, but there isn’t anything like that in the below trailer. Maybe after the show and the hype of GTAV boils down there will be more floating about. We’ll update as we can.

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