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Children Of The Sun Offers Up A Few More Facts We Need To Know

Children Of The Sun Offers Up A Few More Facts We Need To Know

Children Of The Sun

With the launch of Children Of The Sun almost here, it is time to learn a few more facts for us all for Children Of The Sun

Next week, we will all be able to give Children Of The Sun a chance on the PC with April 9th speeding right for us. We will be able to take aim and bring down all of the cult members in the game while also being able to challenge each other in the leaderboards. That all being the case, that does not mean that Devolver Digital did not get together one more look at Children Of The Sun for us so we can better understand what is about to go down. One more look that will give us all more of the facts of the game and get us ready to go on our killing spree out there. Let us dive into what other things we might not have known about the game before now.

Those keeping up on Children Of The Sun would know it is a tactical puzzle-shooter title where we take on the role of someone who has escaped a terrible cult. Escaped and out for revenge. Revenge with a taste of bullets that we are able to move about with some telekinesis once we have fired it all off. Okay, that last part is a bit new for those who have been following along thus far. Children Of The Sun made it feel like we would be doing trick shots over the twenty-four different locations and four hours of gameplay we can expect from it all. You can have a look at this further just below while getting all of the details we have already laid out for you already.

Children Of The Sun — What The Facts

On a deadly road trip into darkness, control the path of a single bullet and unleash a fury of vengeance on the sinister cult that ruined your life in this tactical puzzle-shooter.

Burning with anger, THE GIRL wages a one-woman war against THE CULT, taking them down cultist by cultist, bullet by bullet, until she reaches her true target: THE LEADER. Along the way, she will unravel the dark truth about this mysterious order and the atrocities committed by them in the name of their master.

With just one bullet—which can be re-aimed on impact, smashed through armor, and guided around obstacles—you have to take out large groups of cultists in a single rapid burst of violence. Style, efficiency, and speed.

In this tactical third-person puzzle-shooter, you assume control of one bullet, guiding it through increasingly complex and challenging levels to kill cultists, trigger traps, and reshape the environment. Every shot counts and ruthless precision is rewarded. Taking down THE CULT is deeply satisfying; doing it with style even more so.

Each new update out there for Children Of The Sun feels like it is expanding or changing what we already knew about the game. Not in a terrible way, but almost like things are being changed all the way up to the full release that is coming. Like, the bullet originally felt like it was magical and able to move like in Wanted, then the gameplay made it look like we were just becoming the master of trick shots, now we are actively moving and bending it with our minds. The mechanics all look the same, but it feels as if Children Of The Sun is having an identity crisis with how things are being presented. That could just be me, but it feels odd. I am still looking to give it all a go, but still trying to wrap my head around it all even now.

Have you been following along with Children Of The Sun up to now or did you just find out about the game today? Is it odd to have the different description flow out there or am I just remembering things vastly different than they were presented? Will we see more maps and story added to the game down the line or will its only staying power be in the leaderboard options that are on the way? Head down to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we can muster up for you. We know there is more to come for Children Of The Sun, and we will have it all here. Please come on back to see and hear all about it as we get right up on the release date.

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