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Classic Arcade Game Gauntlet Is Getting A Remake This Summer

Classic Arcade Game Gauntlet Is Getting A Remake This Summer


The classic arcade, button mashing game Gauntlet is getting a 2014 remake this summer. We have the announcement trailer and everything.

Some of you may be too young to remember Gauntlet in classic arcades. Hells, you may be too young to remember classic arcades as well. I do and Warner Bros hopes that some of our readers will as well because that is one of the things they are trying to capitalize on with Gauntlet. For those who still have no clue and haven’t Googled the game yet let me break it down.

In a nut shell Gauntlet was an insanely fun fantasy hack and slash title from Atari in the 80’s. It was also part of the Midway Arcade Origins bundle a few years back as well as multiple ‘updates’ and sequels. You took on one of four roles and played co-op riding the world of all kinds of horrors and monsters. I personally never made it to the end as I could never keep enough quarters around to pump into the machine but that is about the nitty gritty of it all.

Flash forward to the ‘now’ and we are getting the Gauntlet remake from Arrowhead Game Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive. This time for Steam on PC and SteamOS. That seems redundant but that was how this was presented. Anyway, you will take on one of the four classic characters again (Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard, and Elf) too slay everything with a new look for Gauntlet and local/online co-op this time. No more getting three buddies to stand around an archaic stand-up arcade cabinet unless you are truly that hardcore.

As of right now the only other tidbit besides the following announcement trailer is that it is slated for release Summer of 2014. So, we won’t have too wait to long to get back into the nostalgia with the remake of Gauntlet. For those younglings you will get to experience the root of the dungeon crawler in a form you won’t instantly dismiss. Double score I guess. Here’s the trailer.

One last side not for those who scrolled down a bit more. Isn’t it funny that Elf is still a character class in Gauntlet? I always found that funny in DnD and Gauntlet before. Pretty much it could mean that you could be a Human who is a level, say 6, Elf. It also begs the question as to why Warner Bros. and Arrowhead didn’t fix that as Wizards of the Coast did but that is reaching and breaking the original feel of Gauntlet I guess.