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Clementine Looks All Grown Up For The Walking Dead Season 2

Clementine Looks All Grown Up For The Walking Dead Season 2

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 2 Gets Its First Trailer

We’ve all probably played through Telltale’s The Walking Dead at least three times now. That is the minimum I have heard from most of my associates any ways. One of the burning questions since the story came to its conclusion has been ‘when is season 2 coming out?’ Well, we still don’t know but it has to be close now as we finally got something out of Telltale. It’s a teaser more than anything, but if you glance below you can see the official reveal trailer for The Walking Dead‘s second season.

Before you click play I will warn that there really isn’t more except that it looks like we will be playing as Clementine in this new season. I won’t spoil anything as to why in case you still have not played The Walking Dead‘s first season yet, but it makes sense given the events and what fans have begged for. I’d also say it is safe to assume that it takes place maybe a year or two later given the change in Clementine’s look. You’ll see what I mean when you watch the trailer.

I have a feeling that we can see the new season for The Walking Dead shortly after The Wolf Among Us is about wraps myself. Just me guessing as I’m thinking Telltale won’t want everyone to drop one for the other so soon in the game. I could be wrong. It happens. Either way, here you go.


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