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How Close To Chicago Did Watch_Dogs Go? Let Us See

How Close To Chicago Did Watch_Dogs Go? Let Us See


A new feature for Watch_Dogs shows how close to the real world version of Chicago the developers went.

Just in case you were wondering about just what the headline asked we have a new developer video showing just that for Watch_Dogs. All of the landmarks. All of the streets. All of the alleyways. They all look to have been handled with care from start to finish. Why would we expect any less for the new franchise that Ubisoft has already set out to milk for as much as they can keep it a good game? Just like Assassin’s Creed

I will say it is a bit unsettling to hear that they only doubled the number of cameras on the streets of Chicago for Watch_Dogs. If I heard that correctly that is. It’s just odd to think about that many cameras watching my every move in the real world. Yea, I know it happens already but not to the level of the ctOS. Gives me the heebie jeebies so we will move back to the actual visuals and environmental models.

Have a watch for yourself and marvel at the accuracy that it looks like Ubisoft has achieved in Watch_Dogs. Any of you natives to Chicago care to chime in on any of the locations that are not compared to in the video? I’d love to hear and maybe see as we get ever so closer to the launch date of Watch_Dogs.

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