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Have A Closer Look At The New Characters In Mortal Kombat X

Have A Closer Look At The New Characters In Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X

They were announced at E3 but now have a closer look at the four new characters for Mortal Kombat X

At E3 we were treated to not only two but four new characters for Mortal Kombat X and given a small taste of their combat styles and abilities. Just in case you want to have a closer view of each of these characters outside of the fast-paced cKombat we have a few new images to show you then. Well more one for each of the four new characters announced for the game already. If you don’t know what Scorpion or Sub Zero look like yet then you may want to do a net search and kick yourself in the groin (somehow). Those are still the only other two characters in the roster to date.

Have a good look at these characters for Mortal Kombat X. Make a wallpaper. Hells, Photoshop them to your heart’s content for now just to bide your time until the next group of characters get the announcement treatment.

So there you have them but whom else would you like to see in Mortal Kombat X. It should be safe to assume that all of our favorites will be making a comeback but what about new character ideas or the extended Mortal Kombat universe? I’d also be curious to see if there are going to be console exclusive characters like Mortal Kombat 9 had. Maybe Marcus Fenix for the Xbox One version and… um… Hades for the PS4 version. That way they can have a character that would fit the Mortal Kombat X universe and not need to reuse Kratos. At least that would be wishful thinking.

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