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Come As You Are For New Quantum Break Footage

Come As You Are For New Quantum Break Footage

Quantum Break

A new cinematic trailer for Quantum Break has been released and it adds some darker tones to Quantum Break with a cover of Nirvana

If for some reason you didn’t have a good grasp on how the theme of Quantum Break will feel then it is time to see yet another cinematic trailer for the game. I swear Remedy wants to pump out more of these then any real gameplay but seeing as Quantum Break is using a very life like structure for the characters what you are about to see could quite easily be gameplay and we just don’t know it. Of course this isn’t the only thing to take away from this latest trailer for the game. There is a much deeper and darker feel you should get.

As if trying to save the world from an insane corporation bent on manipulating time wasn’t bad enough if the use of Nirvana’s Come As You Are in an even more depressing tone doesn’t scream some truly dark fates then I don’t know what will. Of course it is all set to the action sequences of Quantum Break so I could be reading into a lot more than was meant here. I am want to do that quite often and this wouldn’t be the first or the last time that happens. Not at all.

Quantum Break — Cinematic Trailer

You do have to admire the constant cinematography that Remedy uses in not only its games but even the promo materials that are released. With the streaming of Quantum Break‘s TV show add on for the game and how Alan Wake played out you would think they would just jump straight into films and TV with their ideas. Thankfully though, as they do make top notch titles, they are sticking into the interactive medium and giving us such great experiences as Quantum Break looks like it will be. I am so ready for this game now.

What do you think though? Does this sate some of the want for Quantum Break now or does it just drive you even madder with anticipation? Do you think that Remedy should take a break from games and turn own of their IPs into a full on show/film? Let us know what you think and feel free to discuss in the comments. For more on Quantum Break and other titles like it keep you browser tuned in right here to make sure to get all of the updates and media.

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