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Controlling the Crowd & Hiding Won’t Help In Alien Isolation

Controlling the Crowd & Hiding Won’t Help In Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation

The How Will You Survive Video Series Continues For Alien Isolation Showing Off How hiding and crowd control won’t help you survive the game

Looks like we have a few more ways on how to not play Alien Isolation here for our viewing pleasure to burn out the week we have until launch. This time around Creative Assembly and Sega are pin pointing that there really is nowhere safe on the Nostromos. Not only that but we will have to herd humans and androids alike to make sure that Amanda makes it out of there alive. This of course is not new information for Alien Isolation but it is a new look at the challenges and gameplay we will come to expect.

I for one am glad that we finally got to see a kill screen that wasn’t Alien-based but of one of the other enemies and horrors that we will have to handle while running through for our lives. It is quite interesting to see that there are a whole lot of those androids running amuck on the Nostromos though as to date I think I’ve only seen one of them and that was hard enough. I do wonder how the player there got themselves in that predicament as it was almost impossible to handle one of those things in the gameplay demo past. Now we see at least four hunting Amanda and not slowing at all. I think that is just as horrifying as the Alien itself.

None the less, have a look at the new videos for Alien Isolation and enjoy. They are keeping me tide over until October 7th and I hope they do you too. I know I can’t wait to get to experience all that Alien Isolation has to offer.

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