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The Art Of Misdirection In Alien Isolation

The Art Of Misdirection In Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation

The How Will You Survive Video Series Continues For Alien Isolation Showing Off How To Use Misdirection To Survive

It’s that time again to continue the Alien Isolation “how not to play this game” series. You know what we are talking about here as we’ve had a whole slew of videos come out to show us how we can die and what not to do when playing Alien Isolation once it hits out PS4s, PS3s, Xbox Ones, Xbox 360s, and PCs. Some have been the basics that any infant who wants to survive anything knows not to do while others are very specific to the game.

So let’s sit back and give another look at how to die in Alien Isolation with this latest gameplay trailer. Enjoy.

Okay, to be fare the whole misdirection thing worked here in Alien Isolation. The Alien was distracted and the player was able to sneak away undetected. That is at least until they did not mind their surroundings and stepped into an alarmed area of the room. Seems a bit odd to have an alarm set up like that in the area as well as the player not know it was there but hey, Creative Assembly needed another reason to show you a kill screen didn’t they? I guess this should have been titled “Mind You Surroundings” instead of “Misdirection” shouldn’t it have been?

I am ready for Alien Isolation to release already and I think it is getting to a point where these trailers are hyping up the game more than anything. I just hope that they are not over hyping the game to a level that they cannot deliver on. There is so much riding on the Alien franchise in the world of gaming with Alien Isolation so I hope that Sega and Creative Assembly can deliver. None the less I am having fun with these videos sans the hype. Keep them coming until launch…just don’t let us down.