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Creating The Authentic Alien Universe For Alien Isolation

Creating The Authentic Alien Universe For Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation

A new developer diary for Alien Isolation has been released showing the care in creating the 70’s Sci-Fi in a modern age.

Let’s mark this new developer diary for Alien Isolation a step in the right direction. At least in my book.

Sega and Creative Assembly have just released a new dev diary showcasing how they are trying to stay true to the original limitations that the Alien films had for Alien Isolation. It is always funny to look back at older films and see how under advanced the future is supposed to be due to the real world tech at the times. For instance, Alien is supposed to be set around 2119 yet there are no crazy holograms or AR displays due to the limitations of the tech in the 70’s. This is all stuff that will not be getting any advancement in Alien Isolation to true and keep true to the universe the game is set in.

Have a watch real quick.

There is not much in the way of Alien Isolation gameplay but for those of us who love how things are made this is a real treat. The fact that they took game footage, recorded it on VHS, then distorted it using “dead tech” is quite a novel approach to keeping the look and the feel of the franchise. It really looks like all involved are actually taking the time to make something great and not just schlepping out more crap to make a quick buck off of our nostalgia and love of the franchise

I will admit that I am not too keen on the mechanic limitations that are stated to be imposed though. In this case I am talking about the motion monitor that you can use in Alien Isolation but cannot lift a side arm or mount that clunky thing to a larger weapon. I get the concept they are aiming for but it just seems a bit limited and forced when I can see a liberal amount of Duct Tape fixing the issue. Then again Alien Isolation is slated as a horror style game and not a high action game so not being able to have a weapon available would add to the tension just like Outlast. Just seems a bit off to me though.

None the less, keep up the great work on Alien Isolation Sega and Creative Assembly.

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