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Crime Scene Cleaner Offers Up A Bit Prologue To The Coming Job

Crime Scene Cleaner Offers Up A Bit Prologue To The Coming Job

Crime Scene Cleaner

See how you might be cleaning up a Crime Scene with a prologue coming out for Crime Scene Cleaner

The cleaning simulation games keep on flowing out there and another one is on the way with Crime Scene Cleaner. Not a new title to be announced at the very least with President Studio having placed it out there in the wild for a 2024 release on PC. The new announcement for it all is that we can get a bit of a taste of what is to come to us all with Crime Scene Cleaner as soon as April 4th. Not the full game, sadly, but a nice little prologue to the game so we can take things for a test drive and see if this is going to be the next cleaning simulation title we add into the mix. Especially with some of the darker tones this one is going to take over the others that just make us feel slightly grimy afterward.

While we still need to wait until an undetermined time to play the full version of Crime Scene Cleaner, this little taste is going to give us most of the core gameplay loop as well as a sample of the main story in the mix. We are a mob cleaner and the job is to make sure all of the bodies and evidence are not around to be found out there. All while making some extra cash in the mix to make the jobs easier on us down the line. A lot like many of the other cleaning sim titles out there. The difference here, though, is that there is going to be a bit of a story to each of the crime scene locations you are cleaning since we ask no questions. We will also have a chance to grab some of the left-behind valuables from the scene to skim a little more out of the job than before. Even if that does feel like it would leave some strings still dangling for detectives to pick up on.

Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue — Gameplay

When things get heated, mercy hardly comes to the criminal’s mind. Blood splashes everywhere around the place, which now reminds more of an image of destruction. It gets obvious soon that Mafiosos will need to call THE guy if they don’t want to get caught. Well, that guy is you. Welcome to your crime scene cleaning struggles, where your job is to tidy up the place to its perfect state – for no bodies or other evidence to be found. There’s nothing a professional like you can’t do… but well, you don’t have much of a choice anyway. As health insurance companies dodge the responsibility, it’s up to you to save your daughter’s life. Not only are you running out of money, but also running out of time… Murderous stories await you on April 4th, 2024 when Crime Scene Cleaner’s prologue launches on Steam.

Behold because in front of you is no easy task. Explore stories behind bloody murders and clean up the crime scene. Dispose of bodies and evidence. Fix the furniture and make the whole place to resemble its previous state from before the tragedy. Make money out of the victim’s belongings but be careful not to get caught. Don’t make the police doubt you and get out of the crime scene… FAST!

The prologue is free and includes a part of the main character’s story, which takes place in a local entrepreneur’s villa. Discover and hide its dirty secrets using some tools from the full game’s arsenal. Thanks to the prologue you can check out the game’s mechanics and features without actually paying for the game. You can give it a go and decide if Crime Scene Cleaner might suit your likings!

  • Deep Clean Toolkit – A good cleaner always has to be prepared with more than just one cleaning tool. There are different types of dirt and to efficiently get rid of it all you should also use different types of tools. A sponge will prove itself useful against minor stains or those on fragile items. On the other hand, a mop is great for cleaning all kinds of rooms, but sometimes it is not enough. When the mess becomes too much, whip out the power washer and deep clean outside spaces.
  • Murderous Stories – Every place you’ll visit tells its own story. Uncover the truth to expand your understanding of the crime scene. Learn about culprits’ motives and use that knowledge to be even better at your job than you already are. Well… that or you may just simply take advantage of victims’ misfortune for your additional gain.
  • Move, Adjust, Destroy – Lots of things can be found on the crime scene and your job is to put them in a proper place. Why not take out the trash first? Move the pieces of furniture around correcting their placement. You may find some of them not fit for further use, that would be better off destroyed. But hey, who doesn’t like some little fun destruction time?
  • Arm’s Race – Sometimes the equipment you have is not enough and needs extra swoosh. If your mops and sponges stop being enough to handle dirtier cases, just get new ones. Better ones! Equip yourself with a set of bright lamps, and try out different power washer nozzles. So, before every mission, check your storage and inventory, as you may need something better.
  • Out Of Radar – Just to remember, your job is far from legal. Suspicion meter measures all of your mistakes and greedy deeds. If its value gets too high, you will fail the mission, now forced to face the consequences. Doing a good job and fooling the police is the only way to avoid long jail time for you and your employers.
  • Cleaner’s Sense – The game introduces you to a special mechanic that represents an exceptional type of intuition your character has developed over long years in the cleaning industry. Cleaner’s Sense is a skill activating a special kind of vision that highlights every element of the crime scene, making your job easier.
  • Deep Pockets – Make money in any way you can! Mobsters are known for being generous, but sometimes that’s not enough. And certain objects may be too tempting. Who is going to miss this expensive watch? The owner’s already dead.
  • It’s About Family – With all the gruesome things you will see and do at every job, you must not forget that you are doing this for your daughter. The life of a single father has its challenges and you need to overcome them all.
  • No Proof No Crime – Even though obviously all those murders DID happen, not everyone has to know it, right? Clean up the place to perfection. Don’t let the bodies be found and destroy crucial pieces of evidence. That is the proper way to deal with the crime rate in the neighborhood.

Weirdly enough, I have recently made the dive into games like Crime Scene Cleaner and I understand how soothing these can be. Seeing many of the same mechanics on display in this game is nice, but I would have liked to see some other kind of twist to it all besides the stealing and learning the story from the scenes. For instance, it would be interesting if we are able to set up another member of the family to take the fall or to completely mess with the scene to give so many false leads that the investigators would not be able to make sense of it all. That might be a little too much for us to do at a crime scene, but it would add something truly new into the mix. Even if I am still going to be giving this one a go just to have that soothing loop to go through and with a bloody new location each time.

How do you feel about Crime Scene Cleaner and will you be giving this one a try as we have for the various others out there? Do you think we should be able to completely botch the jobs in the game or make them look different to throw others off? How much of the story will be told through the tableaus we will find ourselves in or will there be something else to give us further details? Take to the comments and start that discussion flowing for this game. We will share all that we can for Crime Scene Cleaner after this prologue drops and we get more details. It looks like it will be a fun mess to clean up and keep more of those soothing events flowing into our brains moving forward.

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