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Cult County To Mess With Texas In Horror FPS Fashion

Cult County To Mess With Texas In Horror FPS Fashion

Cult County

Cult County, a survival horror FPS, has a new gameplay trailer to help with its Kickstarter Campaign.

If you haven’t heard of Cult County yet then it may be safe to assume that you don’t spend your days looking at Kickstarter campaigns or new that doesn’t come from the huge publishers. I just found out about it myself while trying to dig up some fun content for all of you six readers out there due to all of the big names being focused on PAX and all the fun there. The only drawback from having huge conventions is they blow their load in terms of news out the gate.

Back on topic though.

If you take your gaze a bit lower you can see new gameplay footage for Cult County with commentary from the developer Renegade Kid. Primarily they are focusing on the aesthetics of the game over any other real substance so if you are not a fan of seeing how your game is made you can save some time by hopping right over to the Cult County Kickstarter page to check everything else out. I guess you can also skip that if you are not a fan of the storytelling in The Walking Dead and the atmosphere/action of Silent Hill as those are used to compare everything to.

I’ll be honest; if all I knew about Cult County was based off just that video clip I am not too sure that I would want to back it. Good thing for Renegade Kid that I know a thing or two to be impressed with what is shown in this pre-pre-alpha footage. You should be too. Even for extremely early footage and I am assuming placeholder graphics Cult County looks like it could shape up into a really cool FPS horror game. Especially since the whole Christian mythology thing freaks out everyone so much for some reason.

I’ll be keeping an eye on you Renegade Kid and Cult County.

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