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Dark Atlas: Infernum Walks Us Through Some New Darkness Coming To The PS5

Dark Atlas: Infernum Walks Us Through Some New Darkness Coming To The PS5

Dark Atlas: Infernum

New gameplay for Dark Atlas: Infernum is out here as we check out some of the accessibility features Dark Atlas: Infernum will have

It is time to walk a bit deeper into the world of Dark Atlas: Infernum as we get to see just a bit on how the game is going to look on the PS5. Not that anyone would suspect that Night Council Studio would make it look or feel different on the PC or Xbox Series X|S but we will always take new gameplay. Well, gameplay and in-game scenes is a better description of what we have for Dark Atlas: Infernum. It is still a solid look at how this horror game will look and some of the other darkness it could bring when it does finally launch in 2024. We are guessing this will be closer to the October time for it all, but that could easily change based on how the development goes or any other big title announcements that come down the line.

While the gameplay is a nice thing to look at for Dark Atlas: Infernum, there is also a new list of accessibility features that will be coming to the game to allow for easier play for gamers out there. Most of these features feel like they are the ones that should be common in every game in the last few years. Things like subtitles, audio descriptions, and colorblind filters. One that is interesting for Dark Atlas: Infernum, though, is one that will keep us in the first-person mode but have us pointing and clicking the character for movement. Something that describes a bit like the teleport option in many VR games only with this one animating the character walking to the destination we want them to go to. A nice little touch for those who do not have the motor skills to easily move about this horrifying new world and do not want to miss anything.

Dark Atlas: Infernum — PS5 Trailer

SelectaPlay has released information on planned new accessibility features being included in the upcoming first-person horror survival game Dark Atlas: Infernum. Developed Night Council Studio. SelectaPlay will be responsible for the global publishing of Dark Atlas: Infernum for Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as PC via Steam in 2024.

In order to ensure that Dark Atlas: Infernum is available to a wide audience of gamers, the developers are working to implement additional accessibility features to aid player’s gameplay experience.

The accessibility features include:

  • Guided movement system (when a destination is selected from a menu, and the character moves automatically).
  • Audio description (auditory description via a bot that describes the game scene).
  • Audio descriptions – sound subtitles.
  • Subtitles, Colorblind filters, and Stereo/mono system.

I am glad to see that Dark Atlas: Infernum will be taking in the need for accessibility to keep the community growing and flowing out there, but I am at a point where I think all of this should just be a given in the base game from the start and not some flashy feature. Mainly as it should not be a selling point for your game that you have done this and just something that is always part of the development cycle. Unless, of course, you are adding in features that have yet to be used by the gaming culture in general. The movement option in Dark Atlas: Infernum is not one that I hear about all the time, but everything else feels like it has been sitting in the menus of every game out there for at least five years now, if not longer. It is always great to have these options in a game, but when it is used as a marketing tactic it just feels like you are pandering more than actually caring about the community.

How do you feel about the new footage we have to look at for Dark Atlas: Infernum and does it feel about the same across all platforms for you? Are you curious how the movement system will work or will that be a feature you will not need to try out? Do you think that all of these accessibility options should just be standard as of now and not used as part of the features portion of the game’s marketing? Head to the comments to discuss all of this and more. When we have anything more to share for Dark Atlas: Infernum, it will be added to the site for you to see. Just be sure to keep on coming back here to keep as up-to-date on all of it as best you can.

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