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The Day/Night Cycle Of Dying Light Is Intense

The Day/Night Cycle Of Dying Light Is Intense

Dying Light

A new trailer for Dying Light shows off the vast differences between playing the game during the day and night

For Dying Light there have been two huge things mentioned as selling points time and time again. This first being the Free Running that Techland has looked to perfect in the game and the second being that of how viscous the Day/Night cycle will make the game. You know, the whole zombies getting crazier, stronger, faster, and smarter once the sun goes down in Harran. Just in case Techland and Warner Bros. have yet to solidify that impression we have yet another trailer for Dying Light to help showcase just what they are getting at.

It isn’t a very long look at the Day/Night cycle in Dying Light but if anything it does drive the differences home pretty well here. Mostly in the fact that they use the same locations to pan and fly around as the night falls. In some cases there doesn’t look to be much of a change. In other cases you can see how rabid the infected get in the dark and also how they cluster together. I presume it is for warmth as each would be flesh hunter wouldn’t really want to share the spoils of their hunt now would they? Maybe they do in Dying Light.

Have a fun look and here’s some good luck for us all when Dying Light finally launches on January 27th 2015. It’s been such a long wait since I was one of the four people in line at E3 to give this little title a chance. Now everyone and their best friends want Dying Light and claim to be the real O.F.s of the game. All the rest of you posers can get swarmed by the infected and rendered limb from limb y’all.

Dying Light — Day vs. Night

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