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The Dead Island 2 Gameplay Is The Bomb & Blowing Up!

The Dead Island 2 Gameplay Is The Bomb & Blowing Up!

Dead Island 2

Directly from Gamescom we have a first look at the gameplay of Dead Island 2 from Deep Silver and Yager Development

At E3 we were shown the bare bones for Dead Island 2. Pretty much just the basics and hopes for the game but nothing more than that. We’ve all had the fun of watching the announcement trailer multiple times already and now it is time for some actual gameplay for Dead Island 2 isn’t it? Of course it is and now we have it straight from Gamescom.

The following is all alpha footage for Dead Island 2 as a heads up and in case you miss the large text at the beginning of the trailer here. Have a look and then we discuss…

Not only does Dead Island 2 look like it is going to be just as insanely fun as the previous titles in the franchise but it also looks like the visuals of the game have taken leaps and bounds forward to an insane level. To the level of insane as all of the crazy gadgets and weapons that we will get to employ in the slaying of the zombie hordes of California. Just like the trailer for Dead Island 2 this gameplay has ready for Spring 2015 to be here already.

If there was one thing I know I latched onto here for Dead Island 2 though is that it looks like we are getting cryo weapon mods here too. Kind of weird given the climate that Dead Island 2 is supposed to be in but if I can add freezing and shattering zombies to the list of how to kill in Cali I totally will. I know that isn’t the craziest weapon that we will get to make in the game but it sure as hell looks like it will be a blast, pun intended, to use during the game. Just bring on Dead Island 2 already!

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