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Deep Silver Knocks It Out With Another Amazing Trailer For Dead Island 2

Deep Silver Knocks It Out With Another Amazing Trailer For Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 was announced at the Sony press conference and just as before it came with an amazing trailer to show it all off

If I had to say one thing that Deep Silver does insanely well it has to be trailers for games and they did it again for Dead Island 2. If you were unable to catch the trailer in the middle of the Sony press conference out here at E3 then you are in luck as I have included it below for your viewing pleasure. It will also save you the time of having to scrub through the recap of the press conference just for the Dead Island 2 trailer so there is that as well. But enough of the sucking up. Let’s move into what has been shown or can be speculated on for Dead Island 2.

Err…maybe I should let you watch the trailer for the first time or again to get familiar with Dead Island 2 before. Here, have a watch and then join in the speculation.

Alright, so we have a very hip guy running along while the horrors of the Dead Island world pan out. It looks like he is on the island of Banoi but I don’t believe that can be completely confirmed yet. Could this be alluding to the rumored Dead Island world scenario? You know, where the infection has made the jump to other locations and ‘islands’ for us to run around? That could be a bit fun although it does kind of point toward losing the ‘island’ in the title unless they want to go with the more ambiguous idea of isolation being an island. That would be a stretch for this franchise though.

Like I said before, even if you don’t like the Dead Island games you can’t deny that the publisher knows how to make an awesome trailer to announce them. I’m counting three for three in my book now. I just hope that we can get a bit more information than just this trailer when we check out what Deep Silver has to show us on the floor of E3. Check back here just in case we get some hands on or gameplay impressions for all of you Dead Island fans.

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