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The Delicious Sounds Of The Evil Within

The Delicious Sounds Of The Evil Within

The Evil Within

A new Bethesda Underground video has been released showing off just how they got some of those gruesome sound effects for The Evil Within

We already know that The Evil Within is going to have some amazing voice talents but there is so much more to the audio for a game like this than just famous voice overs. Flesh being torn, brains being stabbed, bones being crushed, and limbs being ripped also make the fear factor of a survival horror title. All kinds of gross and nasty things need to be recorded in the mix to make you really cringe at the scenes that you are watching or playing through.

Well, you are in luck today as we have a new developer diary of sorts that shows off some of what went into making all of those horrid noises that will chill the spine when we are playing The Evil Within. As if Freddy chasing us around wasn’t enough. We’ve seen what The Evil Within has to offer so why not see how all of those mushy sounds got added into the game? You shouldn’t be sorry unless you don’t have the intestinal constitution of a Japanese speed eater here.

Well if this view of The Evil Within didn’t glamorize us all to the fun of being a sound designer I don’t know what will. I mean, there is nothing too new here in the methods of capturing the sound although I think celery makes a better crunch sound than chips but the post process can do wonders. That is also if that was captured for bones breaking and not something else of course. I guess we’ll all have to wait and find out; at least if our ears can be keen enough to catch the little nuisances.

It is also kind of fun to see that even though The Evil Within is an insanely dark and horror themed game that there was a lot of lighthearted fun in the background. I guess you would need that to keep things from turning into your own little dark horror of a nightmare every night…

Now to go eat some noodles!

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