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Demonsomnia Is Here To Spread More Of The Bodycam Horror Out There

Demonsomnia Is Here To Spread More Of The Bodycam Horror Out There


More of the bodycam horror is on the way with Demonsomnia coming with a demo for Demonsomnia out right now

We did call it from before that the bodycam style was going to be the next big craze and here we are with yet another title in the vein with Demonsomnia. A new title from Woziva that will be using the style to add to the horror but a few other fun tricks to get us all further engaged with the game. Some of it through different filters that the bodycams will have on them during the gameplay, but also with making Demonsomnia a co-op title in the mix of it all too. Not overly groundbreaking, sure, but it is a nice little extra to try to help sell us all on getting used to this look and feel in the horror world. All while giving us a vastly different setting than many of the other titles we have spoken on before.

The other big twist we have here for Demonsomnia is the world we will be going into for the game. Unlike the others, this one is set in a world after some form of nuclear fallout. The lands are ravaged by radiation, gas masks are needed everywhere, and we will need to make many trips out into the woods to gather supplies and resources to stay alive longer. All so we can collect more data on a demon that happens to be hunting us in our mansion we have bunkered down in. Talk about getting the raw end of it all for the characters in Demonsomnia. If any of that sounds like it is up your alley for a great game, have a look at the following trailer and then give the demo for the game a solid play and see if it will live up to all of our expectations as of now.

Demonsomnia — Multiplayer Horror Game

Demonsomnia is a CO-OP multiplayer bodycam horror game about the impact of a nuclear reaction. Radiation has spread everywhere, put on your gas mask, go to the forest, collect objects, and return to the mansion. Your goal is to collect evidence with the equipment and hunt the demon in the mansion.

I do have to say that I like some of the parts of Demonsomnia that feel like they are using the style of titles like Outlast in the mix. I fell in love with that a long while ago and do love going back to that style. It is also a solid idea of how to get past that gas mask overlay that plagues so many games in this setting. For story reasons, sure, they have them on but for the visuals, we are looking through the bodycam and have less of an obstructed view. At the very least, this is something that other video games should take away from Demonsomnia as of right now. Maybe the demo and full game will also give us so many other great ideas to make every other game better too. For that, though, we will have to wait and see…

What thoughts do you have out there for Demonsomnia at this point and are you rushing out to download the demo right now? Do you like the other views and aspects of this game and should others use them to get around obscuring vision in their games? Do you think a lot is going on in the game with radiation and demons or will the multiplayer hammer that out and lead to another solid horror experience to share? Head on down to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have to offer up on the site. If we get more to share for Demonsomnia, know that we will share it all here. Please come on back to see and hear about all of it as the game cycle continues forward in time.

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