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Destiny Breaks Gender Roles By Being From Both Mars And Venus

Destiny Breaks Gender Roles By Being From Both Mars And Venus


Two new trailers for Destiny have been released with each focusing on a different planet we will be able to explore

Some of you may be a bit too young to catch the joke in the headline but none the less Destiny will be taking us to Mars and Venus. That is at least if we are to understand correctly from the most recent two trailers for the game that Bungie and Activision have released into the universe. You can see both of these new trailers below to see the new areas that we will get to shoot and kill things through when Destiny finally hits our homes. Now if only there was a bit more of the gameplay and abilities mixed into the new locations.

Personally I can’t wait to see if we will be able to trounce all over Pluto in Destiny as well as it looks like part of our own solar system is being tapped for missions in the game. I’m hoping so although I’d rather see completely original planets being made for the game but it’s a fun little addition I guess. Use what you know, or at least kind of know, when you are making you fiction and fun. That’s the gamer’s way, or the writer’s way as I’ve heard.

Now I’ll leave you to watch the two short bits of new Destiny locations. You can figure out which is supposed to be filled with hulking men ready to rip you to shreds and which should be filled with sexy ladies…ready to rip you to shreds. That is what the planets are supposed to be filled with right?



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