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More Details On The Chainsaw Incident Have Emerged

More Details On The Chainsaw Incident Have Emerged

The Chainsaw Incident

We now have ten characters confirmed for The Chainsaw Incident. Here’s the list for you to peruse.

It has been about a month now that I brought you a look at The Chainsaw Incident. If you don’t know what the game is I’ll save you some time from ‘Googling’ it. The Chainsaw Incident is a 2D fighting game coming to the PS4 and PS Vita from Crazy Piranha and Or1go. It had a trailer that had a bit of sluggish looking combat but the art style looks to completely make up for that at this point. That should get you back to speed.

What we have here though are ten of The Chainsaw Incident‘s fighters with some fun little descriptions of them. Why Massacre and Milda are not in the list is my question but we got to see them in the teaser trailer so they kind of get a pass. At least for now. That could all change given the list we have as most of the below characters all seem to be tied to Lenora, another character listed before but absent here. Let me get you that list.

  • The Chainsaw Incident - Mike Jones

    The Chainsaw Incident – Mike Jones

    Mike Jones

    Mike Jones is Heaven’s soul reaper. When he is not rocking some tunes, he saves the lost souls that linger between life and death, whether they are looking for salvation or not.

  • The Chainsaw Incident - Ali-baba

    The Chainsaw Incident – Ali-baba


    He hunts down and returns anything that has been stolen from the Cave of the Forty Thieves. Including prisoners, one in particular that exists only in the spirit realm a Jinn of unknown power.

  • The Chainsaw Incident - DJ Death

    The Chainsaw Incident – DJ Death

    DJ Death

    Hell’s Reaper of souls. He has come to take Lenore’s soul for his master remix for his masterpiece. However his plans are being thwarted as her imagination has come to life and is slowing down his mission.

  • The Chainsaw Incident - Porkchop

    The Chainsaw Incident – Porkchop


    A disturbing embodiment of Lenore’s school cook. He is scary in the real world, but her fear of the chef is even more so in her mind. He loves pigs over everything else, and will chop anything that does not squeal.

  • The Chainsaw Incident - Percival “Percy”

    The Chainsaw Incident – Percival “Percy”

    Percival: “Percy”

    Percival aka “Percy” A familiar and favorite shape of Lenore’s. The man made creature Percy is all good intentions. He only exists to protect Lenore, and is one of the most powerful creations her mind has to fight off infection.

  • The Chainsaw Incident - Vargo

    The Chainsaw Incident – Vargo


    A Creature from the depths, Vargo is the spawn of the King of the Poison Frog Clan (毒蛙一族). Vargo is a Ruthless martial master, able to extend and increase his body to extend lethal punishment. His touch is poison and will break the strongest of foes.

  • The Chainsaw Incident - Hyde the Ripper

    The Chainsaw Incident – Hyde the Ripper

    Hyde the Ripper

    A gentlemen by day, a hulking ripper by night. A soulless devil who slashes throats in the night. He is driven to make Lenore his next victim.

  • The Chainsaw Incident - Rondella

    The Chainsaw Incident – Rondella


    Rondella is a from a world unknown. He has the ability to travel in the spirit realm and consume bad habits of the host. What his agenda is however remains a mystery.

  • The Chainsaw Incident - The Gate Keeper

    The Chainsaw Incident – The Gate Keeper

    The Gate Keeper

    The Gate Keeper is the protector of the gates of heaven and hell for the human world. Half Angel and Half Demon he is a neutral to both good and Evil, he vows to keep both gates to either side closed to anyone trapping them in an endless purgatory.

  • The Chainsaw Incident - Artifact 51

    The Chainsaw Incident – Artifact 51

    Artifact 51

    Lenore always thought she had been abducted, and maybe she was right! Artifact is an Alien in all the sense and whether a friend or foe Artifact’s is aiding Lenore, but only so itself survives.

So there you have it. The roster to date for The Chainsaw Incident. Kind of odd that we have all of this before they actually have the Kickstarter up and running for the game but I’ll take that as promising with good planning. Why not try and get the hype train rolling before you ask people to pay you money to build the game? Although it is looking built so the money would most likely go to publishing and distribution. We’ll see.

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