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Devil Jin Is Out Here To Bring In The Launch Of Tekken 8

Devil Jin Is Out Here To Bring In The Launch Of Tekken 8

Tekken 8

The next Tekken title is about to launch and we get to see how Devil Jin will play into Tekken 8 very soon

This Friday, January 26th, everyone who wants a chance to see what Tekken 8 has on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC will finally have their chance for it. The game launches then and it will only be the start of the cycle from Bandai Namco for the game. Especially since they have thirty-two characters dropping into Tekken 8 and already announced more to come. Only four more so far, but do we really need more than that? We are getting to see how Devil Jin will also give us all something to experience right out of the gate if that is going to be your main fighter in the game.

To get us all further excited for Tekken 8, here we will start with the launch trailer that is ready for us all. Most of it is something we have seen before with it being a clip of many of the fighters doing what they do and then there are parts right from the opening video we had to see just a bit ago. It is nothing overly exciting unless you have not been keeping up on Tekken 8 up to now. Then it might be filled with something new beyond the reminder that the game is on the way here this Friday. Have a look and see if you should be losing your mind as of now or waiting for something bigger to attack our eyes out there in the mix.

Tekken 8 — Launch Trailer

Fist meets Fate – prove your might in Tekken 8 🤜🤛

The next King of Iron Fist Tournament begins on January 26, 2024.

To add to the excitement, and to give us something we have not seen as of yet for Tekken 8, we have our look at Devil Jin in the game and just how they will be fighting the world out there. Just about as we should expect with the many punches and kicks of the main character but with all of the superpowers that the Devil Gene would be offering up. The wings, the dark power, and the laser eyes are on display for us all in full to enjoy. Have a look at Devil Jin in action now for Tekken 8 so you know just what you will need to fight when Friday comes along to us. We are in the end game for the release and now we need to be fully up to speed on everything it has to offer up.

Tekken 8 — Devil Jin Gameplay

Black Wings of Ruin looms over the arena.

The wrath of Devil Jin is unleashed in Tekken 8!

How do you feel about the release of this next Tekken title that is on the way and are you ready for it all? Do you think the story will play out just as well as it looks in the mix of all of this or will it be vastly different than what we have seen? Do you think that Devil Jin will be a little overpowered in the mix or would that make sense with Devil Jin being at the top of the list to beat? Take to the comment section to discuss all of this as you so wish to do out there. If there is more for Tekken 8, after having so much, then we will share it all with you on the site as quickly as we can. Just be sure to keep an eye out for all of that and much, much more.

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