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Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Has Been Officially Announced

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Has Been Officially Announced

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes has been announced and shown off in a huge Disney Infinity 2.0 event.

Back at the beginning of the month we got a nice tease showing off what is now known as Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. At first it looked like it was going to be Disney Infinity with a few Marvel heroes added in. With the hour long session that took place today (4/30/14) it looks like it is a whole lot more. In fact quite the opposite as it sounds like a Marvel version of the game with a few Disney character being added in along the line. Let me break down a few bits that were shown off in the hour long event. That event is also embedded below in case you want to see it all.

Let’s start off with the announced characters and toys that are now official for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. As you can probably guess we are getting the core Avengers from the 2012 film. Each of them also look to have their own abilities and locomotion through the maps and not just a standard set that have been re-worked to appear different. This includes hovering and flying about the maps as well.

Other characters that have been shown in game but without figures are:

  • Nick Fury
  • Loki
  • Spider-Man
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Groot
  • Green Goblin
  • Star Lord

Some of these might be in the mix of the 12 other heroes slated for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes‘ launch sometime this Fall. Not too bad of a spread and it should be assumed that the other large names will be making the leap into the game’s universe as well.

Moving past characters it looks like the environments and maps of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will be four to five times larger than most of the maps in Disney Infinity to date. This is all to accommodate the new movement abilities and nature of the super hero universe. Also worth noting is that we are going to get to see the iconic buildings and areas from the comics and films mixed in. That should have been a given though as that is kind of the allure with these games.

Lastly before you go to watch the hour event, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is going to be capable to use everything that has been purchased so far with Disney Infinity or built in-game. I am curious if that goes for all the last gen items too as the platform spread is now PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, WiiU, PC, iOS, and Android. The hardware should be but I have a feeling that all of the save data from your PS3 or 360 versions will not easily make the jump to the PS4 and XB1 respectfully.

I am excited to see how Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes expands on the franchise but I am not too keen on the cost of the whole shebang. I am more likely to want to shell out for Marvel figures than Disney but just as my complaints with Skylanders that will get pricey real fast. A price tag I can see being justifiable depending on the characters still to be announced at E3 here in a little over a month.

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