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Dive Deeper Into The Living Lands We Will Explore In Avowed

Dive Deeper Into The Living Lands We Will Explore In Avowed


A new deep dive for Avowed is out there with a look at many different facets that are within Avowed

One of the larger titles that came to light during the recent Xbox Developer stream was Avowed. A title that had been announced a bit ago, but it seemed as if it was time that Obsidian Entertainment wanted to offer up a deeper look at the game. Given that we have had very little for Avowed up to now, these kinds of things are always greatly appreciated. So many Xbox Series X|S and PC gamers are looking for another fantasy, action RPG to lose hours in. This was slated to be one before and now we get a nice long look to see if it is going to keep its place in your systems when it comes to us all this Fall. As long as we do not see any delays or the like looming over any of this.

In Avowed, we will find ourselves in a strange new world where we will need to use a mixture of melee, ranged, and magic to make our way through everything. With a nice deviation being that we will have the same fantasy setting weapons but also be able to mix in some guns as well. Not only that, but if we so want to, we can dual-wield wands and fire off all kinds of magic to our heart’s content. This will allow us to control much of the battlefield along with keeping many of the enemies at bay so we can continue our quests out there. Quests that will take us all around so many different lands and biomes in Avowed too. Outside of that, it feels like we are going to be getting the same quality of title that Obsidian has been known for with a feeling of some of the other bigger RPG titles like it on the market already. Just with the story and world-building to help it stand further out.

Avowed — Deep Dive

Explore the Living Lands, a mysterious island filled with adventure and danger in this first deep dive into the gameplay experience you can expect in Avowed, our upcoming fantasy action RPG set in the fantastical, vibrant Living Lands.

Learn more about how we incorporate world-building with profound themes, dynamic gameplay, and thoughtful reactivity and bring them to life in Avowed, where you can make choices to shape every step of your adventure.

Avowed will be available in Fall 2024 for Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10/11, Steam, and day one with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

If you watched the above video for Avowed, which you most likely did without reading anything first, then you will see it feels quite a bit like Elder Scrolls or a bit like Elden Ring. At least, those are the top comparisons everyone has been making out there after seeing the gameplay here. Both are top-notch titles to be compared to, but that does feel like it is setting a standard everyone will expect the game to be at. None of which is a bad thing, but something we need to take to mind when getting excited for Avowed. The team making it definitely has some solid titles in their past but also uses a very different storytelling style than the other titles have. That is in my experience and opinion. While I am curious to see how it all plays out, I do think it is worth taking those notes in after seeing what we have here so we get exactly what we expect in the end.

Have you been keeping up on everything for Avowed up to now or did you need this deep dive to get you onboard? How different of a title do you think this will be from the others that it is being compared to or will it be too close for it to truly stand out? When do you suspect we will see this title hit the market and will it be early in the Fall or near the end? Wander on into the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else that we have to offer up for it all. There is still more to come for Avowed and we will have it all here for you as soon as we can. Please keep on checking in for those updates and the many others that we will have out there in the world.

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