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DreadOut 2 Will Be Launching Into The World Once More Very Soon

DreadOut 2 Will Be Launching Into The World Once More Very Soon

DreadOut 2

Those who were looking to play DreadOut 2 on the Switch will soon have a chance to see just what DreadOut 2 had in it before

After about four years of waiting, those looking to play DreadOut 2 on the Switch will have the ability to do just that. Yes, the game is finally landing on that console out there with Digital Happiness placing a January 18th release date down for this version of the game. Quite a bit of a wait for those looking to see how the world of DreadOut was going to expand and on the Switch, but we all have our own preferred systems to play on. There is no shame in that at all, but just an odd choice to need to wait that long to play a game when you could have done that on a few other platforms for quite a while now. No judgment at all, just does not make sense to me is all I am saying.

Since it has been a bit of time for many since we heard about DreadOut 2, here is a quick overview of what you will get to experience when it comes to the Switch. In the game, we play as a character named Linda who has the ability to see and sense ghosts. Not all of these are of the friendly nature and Linda is on a mission to put these things to rest. Sometimes this is through the use of melee attacks out there that have been upgraded during the course of the DreadOut IP. Sometimes it will be through Linda using a smartphone to attack and end the rampage of these entities. A lot like a different title that many have loved out there before. Just with a different and dated look to it all. Have a look and see if this will be too scary for you to add to your Switch collection.

DreadOut 2 — Switch Launch Trailer

Soft Source Publishing and Digital Happiness are pleased to announce the digital release of DreadOut 2 via the Nintendo eShop on 18th January 2024.

A popular franchise in Indonesia since the first DreadOut release in 2014, Nintendo Switch owners will finally get their hands on the latest entry in the series that was originally released in 2020 — the game deemed too scary for Western audiences. Play as Linda, a high school student with a supernatural power — the ability to sense and see ghosts.

Using this power, Linda must hunt the nightmarish spirits and dark forces that threaten not only her hometown but all of mankind. This spine-chilling sequel expands on the cult hit original with all-new melee combat and a greater emphasis on puzzles and exploration, with the ability to use Linda’s smartphone as a weapon against the evil entities setting DreadOut 2 apart from other horror releases.

  • Banish them all! Hunt and defeat intangible ghosts with Linda’s smartphone camera, or use melee weapons and projectiles against physical ghosts
  • A world of dread: Explore Linda’s hometown and beyond, talk to residents (alive and dead!), complete side-quests, and delve deeper into DreadOut lore
  • Discover ghosts and urban legends: Search out spirits and uncover local myths to complete the Ghostpedia app on Linda’s smartphone
  • Terrifying boss spirits: Keep your nerve as you battle the supernatural realm’s most hostile ghosts, including the chilling Kuntilanak, and horrifying Gore Surgeon

Given that the last time we had anything to share for DreadOut 2 was back in 2020, I know I completely forgot about this title and IP. Partially because I never had a chance to play it but also because it felt like a different title that will not be named right now. That and it still looks and feels very dated based on the current standard of games that are going for a more realistic vibe to them. Sure, DreadOut does feel a little more on the anime style when it comes to character design and look, but it still feels like it was from the early 2000s and not something that came out a few years ago. Given that I am getting more into the Switch as of late, though, it is nice to see I have a new horror option to drop on there and see if it will all handle just as well as it might have before.

Did you get into DreadOut 2 back when it first launched or did you miss it and will now have a chance to get into it all? Are the game mechanics a little too close to Fatal Frame for you or does that matter as long as the story is fun? Does it all feel dated when it comes to the visuals or does that even matter in a world where it can be a style choice to put a new title in the same look? Take to the comments to discuss it all and let the world know what you are thinking out there. If we have anything more for DreadOut 2, we will try to share it with you here. Please keep on checking back for those updates and many others as we head into the new year out here.

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