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Driveclub Was Delayed Again But Now We Have A Date

Driveclub Was Delayed Again But Now We Have A Date


Driveclub has been pushed back once again but now there is a solid date of October 7th.

Yes, that means that Driveclub won’t be coming to the PS4 here in early 2014 as stated before. Apparently the game just will not be ready until about the first anniversary of the next gen console’s launch. Now the date is October 7th if you sit through and watch the gorgeous trailer that was released showing the new date in all of its kind of glory. Good news for all of you race fans or those who want to see how pretty a racing game can be on next gen.

The following trailer does look nice and I had no doubt that Driveclub would but outside of being free for PS+ I don’t think I’ll be playing it more than a few times. To date on Split/Second has been able to capture my interest in a racing game. Mario Kart did too but that’s always been more of a novelty type of racing game and not the true “drive fast and turn left” kind of game that Driveclub is looking to be. Then again we still have month for me to be wowed.

For all you racing and racing game fans I give you the Driveclub release date trailer. It does look very pretty.