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Drowned Lake Reveals More Of The Folk Lore & Legends In The World

Drowned Lake Reveals More Of The Folk Lore & Legends In The World

Drowned Lake

The reveal for Drowned Lake is here out of the PC Game Show and Drowned Lake offers up a horror fishing game to experience

Talk about words I would never think I would see strung together for a video game with “horror fishing game”, but here we are with Drowned Lake. There is a lot more to it than that, but this is how it was given to me by Monumental Collab and Critical Reflex when talking about this title. There is a lot more to Drowned Lake that we can see, though all we have to share for now is the big reveal for the game that happened during the PC Game Show where it was let known that the PC gamers would get this experience. No more gilding the lily. Let us dig into what this title is giving us out there in the world of horror.

To say it is fully a horror fishing game, is a bit off but there are some fishing mechanics built into Drowned Lake to justify. In the game, a student goes missing and we are on the case to solve it all. All while boating about in a top-down perspective and using our trusty fishing rod to help search for clues in the lake the disappearances happened. It is a sinister place we are going to in Drowned Lake, so this is where all of the other horror segments will build in as we try to solve this puzzle and a few others that are going down in the area. Have a look and see what is floating our way when this title does finally lands out there.

Drowned Lake — Reveal

Deep in Brazil’s coastal forest is the Drowned Lake, an area of folk tales and legends, where many who trespass never return. When Bento, a student in his twenties, goes missing in this sinister place, it sets off a twisted story to discover the truth. Explore your surroundings by boat from a top-down perspective, collecting evidence with a fishing rod, while solving puzzles in first-person adventure-like segments. But try to avoid disturbing these troubled waters too much. Remember: you’re not safe here.

Key Features:

  • A Non-linear Horror Story, Told From Three Perspectives: Explore the most forbidding reaches of the forest as a firefighter, a journalist, and an elderly fisherman. Unravel the mystery and each character’s true motives in an interactive narrative where your choices matter.
  • Scour Dark Waters For The Truth: Collect evidence and uncover what hides beneath the surface of the Drowned Lake by exploring, fishing, investigating, and solving puzzles.
  • Beware Making Noise: As you probe the forest’s farthest depths, your choices and actions may increase your noise level, attracting unwanted attention from the horrors of the night.
  • Discover The Nightmares Of Brazilian Folklore: Experience a tragic, twisted tale inspired by the unique melting pot of Brazilian culture and mythology.
  • Investigate In First-Person Mode: Navigate narrow areas, complete intricate puzzles, and experience the true terrors the darkness hides in first-person POV sections inspired by escape rooms and classic horror games.

I am so glad to see that someone is trying something new again in gaming even if Drowned Lake does not sound like it is going to be the AAA title the whole industry is going to go gaga over. They are trying something new-ish just as many indie developers try to do before some big business thinks they can just make money on it down the line. That is partially why I am excited to see Drowned Lake come to life. The other aspect is to be able to claim I go haunted fishing out there and can solve some murders in the mix. Even if it is all in a virtual and digital space. Keep up the work and I look forward to seeing how all of this will come to light.

Were you expecting something different from a title like Drowned Lake or does it sound like it could be a great experience? Do you think this is going to be more than just mashing two things together and hoping it works or could we see the idea be taken by other studios down the line? How mellow will any of the fishing be or will it always be more tense than it should given the setting? Boat on into the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have to share out there. More for Drowned Lake is coming down the line, so please keep on checking back for those updates and many others as we get them all.

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