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Dune: Spice Wars Is In Full Swing On The Xbox Now

Dune: Spice Wars Is In Full Swing On The Xbox Now

Dune: Spice Wars

Dune fans are now able to experience Dune: Spice Wars over on the Xbox console with all of the usual changes over for it

The Spice Wars are continuing out there as we now see Dune: Spice Wars over on the Xbox Series X|S for those still needing to get in on this title. It has been running smoothly on the PC for a while now, and Shiro Games has finally put the last touches on one of the console versions to get it over there. Maybe this means we might see Dune: Spice Wars on others, but for now those looking to head to their Xbox to play this RTS, can do so and enjoy all that it has to offer. All with the usual shifts to the UI and gameplay to make it work better for those that only have a controller to work with when it comes to controlling the game.

In addition to all of those basic changes to make Dune: Spice Wars playable on the Xbox, it looks as if there was a little extra time put in for the game in another way too. This version also has a cross-buy feature in the mix. This means that if you picked up Dune: Spice Wars from the Microsoft store, you will be able to seamlessly start and stop the game from the PC or console as you see fit. A weird thing to add in since most gamers will just keep going with the same screen until they are fully done unless they have the option to go mobile with it. I mean, unless you have two fully dedicated game rooms that one needs to switch between to get a different feel in life. Just a very odd thing to have added into the mix out there.

Dune: Spice Wars — Xbox Launch Trailer

Dune: Spice Wars, the real-time 4X game set on Arrakis, has arrived on Xbox X|S and Xbox Game Pass. Shiro Games and Funcom are excited to provide Xbox players with the first Dune game in over two decades.

Throughout the successful year-long Early Access period on PC, Shiro Games brought the game six major updates with new factions, features, quality of life improvements, and more, in addition to several community updates responding to player feedback.

This unique fusion of 4X and real-time strategy has now been updated to be played on a TV with a controller, and its updated UI and control scheme are designed to make dominating Arrakis from your sofa a breeze. Scheme and plot your path to victory all while scouting, controlling troops, and expanding your borders in real time.

The themes and lore of the sci-fi masterpiece by Frank Herbert go far beyond presentation in Dune: Spice Wars, extending deep into its gameplay. To dominate the spice on Arrakis, players must balance spycraft, military might, political acumen, and clever economic decisions, as sandworms, storms, and other factions threaten on all sides.

Play solo or pull friends into a web of plots and shifting powers. Select one of six iconic factions, such as the Atreides, Harkonnen, or Fremen, and learn their strengths and weaknesses.

Dune: Spice Wars is also available with cross-buy functionality, allowing players to seamlessly enjoy the epic strategy experience on both their console and PC when purchased from the Microsoft store. Step onto the endless deserts of Arrakis today on Xbox X|S.

All in all, having Dune: Spice Wars finally hit the consoles is a good thing to have. It would have been nice to see it hit all of the consoles out there and not just the one that we could technically already play the game in with that ecosystem. Especially if there is an option to be able to pick up and play the same game on a console or PC. Something that is usually really good for things like the Switch and maybe the PS Portal. I mean, technically, if you have Dune: Spice Wars on Steam you could go with the Steam Deck and get a better experience while not needing to worry about downloading to a dedicated console. Unless I am way off-base for all of this.

Will you be getting your Dune fix in this new way out there or have you been doing that already? Does it make sense to allow for players to cross-buy or is that just a feature to add in there for those that already own it on the PC? Could we see this title come to the other platforms down the line or will it stick to what we have now for the foreseeable future? Head to the comments to discuss all of this and everything else we have out there. We will have more for Dune: Spice Wars as it flows out there, so please keep on coming back here to see and hear about all of that.

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