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All The Epic Beards Of Dragon Age: Inquisition

All The Epic Beards Of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition

A new video from BioWare and EA show off all the customization options we will get in Dragon Age: Inquisition including epic beards

I guess customization in our games is something we really want in games and the latest Dragon Age: Inquisition video shows that off to a great extent. This of course is title that should have a crazy customization tool as BioWare and EA know we all want to be our own little snowflake even if no one may ever sees it. Not to mention that Dragon Age is an RPG franchise so it makes sense that we are going to be able to make our character look how we want to feel while playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. That is our prerogative isn’t it?

Here, have a look at what is in store for us when we boot up Dragon Age: Inquisition here in a few months.

There really is no shortage of epic beards here in Dragon Age: Inquisition. In fact I am seeing more of these options than I do for the lady counterparts in the game; or the horned counterparts of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Something is always amiss when I see this in games lately and so few feminine options sans eye makeup. Do the female dwarf-type characters get access to the epic beard selection too? I truly hope so. Didn’t Gimli put it best? There is nothing like finding a female with a beard to grab onto. Or at least some deviation of this.

I could easily turn this into a female hang up in the gaming industry thing here but I am not. I just hope that I have the option to go on and troll all the male gamers out there with a bearded woman character no matter the race. Can you imagine the fun that could bring, as well as the ban hammer? I know I can but I won’t get my hopes up for that in Dragon Age: Inquisition. I guess the ladies will have to settle for fancy eyelashes and makeup…that the male characters can have too…

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