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No Escape Now That Alien Isolation Has Gone Gold

No Escape Now That Alien Isolation Has Gone Gold

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation has gone gold and with that announcement Sega and Creative Assembly have given us a new trailer for the game

It’s always a good day when we can say that a game has gone gold and there are no more delays, which happens to be just the case for Alien Isolation. So far the alpha and beta builds of the game have handled amazingly as well as brought the horror back to the franchise. This is one of the few titles I am still looking forward to for the rest of this year so the golden announcement will make this October 7th such an amazing day.

To go along with the announcement of Alien Isolation getting the little gold sticker, it looks like we are also going to have a bit of fun leading up to the release of the game with a new “trailer series” titled How Will You Survive? In a nut shell it sounds like a montage of killing blows that will be dealt to us during Alien Isolation or paths that we should or shouldn’t take to survive the ever hunting and titular Alien for the game. All kinds of fun.

Just below you can see the first of these new Alien Isolation trailers for the campaign. You can expect that I will most likely be bringing you each new one as they come out leading up to Alien Isolation‘s launch. Now if only I could convince Sega to have a bundle for the game that included the Egg Pods that they’ve been using to demo the game at the conventions. That would be the best way to play Alien Isolation. Hint…Sega…Hint…

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