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Evolve Is Now Letting You Take The Hunt To The Real World

Evolve Is Now Letting You Take The Hunt To The Real World


Turtle Rock Studios and 2K have released the files to allow us to 3D print the characters and monsters from Evolve

I knew it would be only a matter of time before something like what is now available from Evolve would happen. We are now able to get the in-game models to 3D print to our heart’s content so we can recreate our own loved hunts in the comfort of our own homes. That doesn’t sound completely ‘right’ to me. We are getting to do that already with Evolve in the virtual world. Oh wait… it’s like one of those Skylanders things without all of the crazy interactivity between the game and the real world. Got it now.

Kidding aside, instead of having to wait for someone to “leak” the 3D models or make close enough replicas we can now have the toy versions of the creatures and hunters from Evolve without the need to wait for a toy company to tie-in. If that is something that we all would want after all seeing as all that is needed today to get a 3D print of something is a bit of money and the character model you are looking to print. Now we have half of that equation here.

To get these models all you need to do is head over to evolvegame.com and go to the specific character’s or monster’s bio page and you will be given the link to download the file. I personally have no clue if they are textured or not but if we judged by the following video I would guess not. If they are fully textured then you will only need to find an online company that can print in full color and you will be rocking the cast of Evolve on your desk or with your kids.

I find it really cool that this is happening for Evolve and I hope it starts the trend for all other titles and companies to follow suit. Some of those toys and statues that are officially sold can look pretty crappy but if all we had to do is print the model straight from the game we really wouldn’t have room to complain anymore. Unless the official releases started to become increasingly higher quality. That is the ultimate conundrum here I guess. That and those damned printers being so freaking expensive but that is semantics.

Which character or creature from Evolve do you want to 3D print? If they are in full color and not just limited to the base color of the 3D printing materials and all.

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