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Evolve Is Not Really Evolving Multiplayer, But It Works

Evolve Is Not Really Evolving Multiplayer, But It Works


We have some new details on Evolve, the upcoming 4v1 shooter from Turtle Rock Studios. Trailer and screen shots galore.

So when I hear a game is going to be multiplayer heavy as is the case with Evolve, I normally cringe. I also usually think of just giving a blanket pass on the title as well. But with what I have been seeing and reading from Evolve my interest has been piqued again. Just in case you don’t know what the game is about here’s a short history lesson.

Originally it was going to be published by THQ and was called Wild. THQ went under and 2K picked it up. Turtle Rock Studios kept hammering out on Evolve and it as moved into the 4V1 game we now see before us. Nice and short.

The more nitty gritty is that Evolve is about four game hunters, for lack of a better term, who out facing off against the one big baddy. Effectively, you and three friends take on the role of a Medic, Supporter, Scout, or Assaulter all in the hopes to take down what has been labeled as the Goliath in the below images. Where does the ‘v1’ come in? Well you have another player who will be taking the role of the big bad monster who is trying to eat these hunters. I’ll go into that a bit more but first here is the descriptions floating around about the hunters.

  • Griffin the Trapper: Pinpoints the monster’s location and keeps it from escaping. Sound Spikes planted in the ground will ping the team when the monster’s movement is detected. Once found, the Harpoon Gun keeps the monster from jetting. The Mobile Arena encases a section of the stage in a colossal dome to keep the action focused and the team together. Griffin’s submachine gun gives him moderate firepower when needed.
  • Markov the Assault: Distributes extreme volumes of damage at a high rate. Markov’s Lightning Gun deals tremendous hurt at a close range, while his Arc Mines provide more tactical punishment around the map. A Personal Shield keeps him safe during particularly close encounters. His Assault Rifle enables him to attack from afar.
  • Val the Medic: The angel of the introductory team, Val heals up the other hunters with a mid-range Medgun. This device can also revive downed teammates from a distance. Val’s Anti-Material Rifle pierces the monster’s armor to expose weak spots, while her Tranquilizer rifle slows and weakens it. She can also pop a Healing Burst for fast healing in a small radius.
  • Hank the Support: Good ol’ Hank! The Support’s Shield Gun is an invaluable asset to the team, protecting a fellow hunter from harm. His Cloaking Device provides temporary invisibility for stealth tactics, and his Laser Cutter deals a bit of damage. For those desperate opportune moments, Hank can call an Orbital Barrage down to obliterate the unfortunate matter waiting below.

So now onto the monster.

It may seem a bit unfair to have a 4 on 1 match but that apparently is the ‘magic number’ for Evolve. At least from the developer’s and gameplay testing. What other advantage the monster has is that it can stalk around the map all Predator style devouring other wildlife in the area. In doing so, it evolves and becomes even bigger and harder to kill. This can turn the tides quickly from gameplay of Evolve that has been floating around online. In the end the hunted can become the hunter real quick.

Speaking of, here’s a trailer showing just that. I now have my eye firmly placed on Evolve now and am looking forward to what it is going to bring. It could be the title that makes me stop rolling my eyes when I hear ‘multiplayer’ with games. Who knows though? What do you think?

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