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Evolve’s Third Monster Finally Shows Her Sneaky Face

Evolve’s Third Monster Finally Shows Her Sneaky Face


The third monster for Evolve has been revealed as well as the dates for the next beta on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Merry Early X-mas to me and all of those Evolve fans out there as we have the third monster that we will be hunting down or hunting with this coming February. To quote Turtle Rock Studios on this, “She’s a space alien ninja Monster who warps around the battlefield, ripping into her enemies with her blade-claws. She can hit – then run – before you even see her coming.” That’s just the description though. The name and amazing look at the Wraith isn’t the only fun bits we have for her.

I’ll let you get acquainted with the trailer for the new monster so you can see how awesome she could look when playing in your matches of Evolve. It is a very Blizzard way of doing it here but I’ll take it because even based on this The Wraith is already my favorite of the three monsters already shown.

Evolve — Stalker Trailer

Yes; The Wraith can teleport. She can spawn decoys and go invisible. She can abduct a hunter and drop them on the other side of the map if she so pleases. She can even spawn an arena of sorts to lock the hunters down while going hog wild ripping them to shreds with the scythe hand/arms. She’s not the beefiest monster for Evolve to date but she is being claimed as the hardest to hit. Of course that makes sense when you are talking about space alien ninja monsters. Still trying to get use to that description myself.

Here’s the full break down of what Evolve‘s Wraith has up her sleeve without my inane take on it all.

  • Warp Blast — Allows Wraith to travel almost instantly to a target and create an explosion wherever she lands, dealing damage to everything around her.
  • Decoy — Spawns a dangerous clone of herself that attacks targets while distracting the Hunters. With the Decoy deployed, Wraith becomes invisible and the Decoy can be used strategically to escape from combat or allow the player to re-position themselves for surprise attacks.
  • Abduction — Steals hunters away from their teammates. During an abduction attack, Wraith travels large distances, grabs the target, and returns to her original location all within the blink of an eye.
  • Supernova — Creates a large arena for Wraith to fight in. Inside the Supernova, Wraith becomes a frenzied melee beast of pure energy as her scythe-like blades cut down just about anything in their path. If Wraith leaves the Supernova area, she returns to her normal state.

There we have it. All of the hunters and monsters for Evolve have been given a name and a face. Now is just the long wait until we get to play the game in February… Wait… This just in. It looks like the next beta for Evolve with all of the hunters and monsters will be playable for the Xbox One on January 15th. That is the full beta. For those who were part of the Big Alpha you should be getting an email hooking you up for this. All of the PS4 and PC fans of Evolve will also be getting an email to take place in the Technical Test on January 17th. So we all get in.

Merry Early Evolve X-mas indeed.