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Excel Just Ain’t For Bookkeeping

Excel Just Ain’t For Bookkeeping

Microsoft Excel: Revolutionary 3D Game Engine?

Ok, I’ve been coding in Excel for some time now. I’ve thought that I have pushed the limits on what the program can do and such. Then things like this come flying over my desk. Some one actually made a sheet that calculates and displays 3D graphics in Excel. Brilliance! The next best part, they offer up the base files and details on how it was done from Gamasutra in a 5 page article on this alone. If you were not impressed with the above video, check the next one below.

Now, what does this all mean? I’m actually not all that sure. I know it won’t be the next big gaming engine anytime in the near future. Just with some of the limitations that comes with Excel in general, but it is a pretty cool thing that has been done. Possibly very basic games can be made with this by hobbyist coders. If that happens, think of the work possibilities. No one will ask if you are playing a game while you spread sheets are open. Think about that. No more getting caught playing while at work.

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