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Explore The Impossible With This Announcement For The Infinite Inside

Explore The Impossible With This Announcement For The Infinite Inside

The Infinite Inside

An early access for The Infinite Inside is here with a look at how The Infinite Inside will be on the PSVR2

Let us break more minds out there in the VR space with the latest announcement for The Infinite Inside. An announcement that shows off just what Maze Theory has been working on, the fact that it is coming to the PSVR2, and those on the PC can head into an Early Access form of the game if they so wish to do. That feels kind of like a lot to dig into for The Infinite Inside. That is a bit of the premise of the game, so it is fitting. So, without further gilding the lily here, let us dive into what we have for this latest announcement for the game.

As you might have been able to guess out the gate, you can get the Early Access demo for The Infinite Inside as of right now. All so you can test out the alternate world and thought-provoking puzzles that should be housed with in the game. It does want to lean into the blending of realities a bit in the following videos for The Infinite Inside, but that feels a bit more of the marketing for the game than anything that could be a true feature. I could be wrong, but I do not think that I am at this point. It looks like it will be more about the puzzles than anything, but you can see for yourself just lower as well as give it a go with your VR headset if you want to.

The Infinite Inside — Early Access

Explore the impossible and transcend infinite realities in the upcoming VR puzzle game from Maze Theory.

  • Infinite Realities Await: From your own home, seamlessly transition between the real and virtual worlds, tackling mind-bending puzzles and impossible scenarios.
  • Explore The Impossible: Engage with thought-provoking puzzles that seamlessly merge the real and virtual worlds, transporting you to realms of impossibility.
  • Uncover The Truth: Dive into a hidden world with a rich and intricate story waiting for your discovery.

The Infinite Inside — PSVR2 Announcement

All in all, The Infinite Inside looks and feels like another fun puzzle game in the VR setting. Not a bad thing but not something that feels like it is going to make the game stand out more than anything. There does feel like a weird focus on some of the Jenga-style gameplay with the puzzles but this could just be the shots that have been used for the trailers. I guess I will just have to give The Infinite Inside a play in the demo version to know for certain, which is probably going to be the best way to gauge all of this. Thankfully, that is the full option out there as you are reading all of this and happen to have a Meta headset.

Will you be giving The Infinite Inside a chance out there or do you need to up your VR hardware game to be able to do so? Will there be some true blending of realities here or is that all to hype up the game more than anything? How thought-provoking will these puzzles truly be or will they be more of the same as we normally get just with a different skin on top of it all? Head to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have to share with the world out there. More for The Infinite Inside will be out there, so please keep on checking the site and everything to see and hear all about it and more.

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