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Far Cry 4 Proves Elephants Crave The Taste Of Human Blood

Far Cry 4 Proves Elephants Crave The Taste Of Human Blood

Far Cry 4

A new gameplay video for Far Cry 4 shows us all the fun things we are going to get to do with Elephants during the game

I am a huge fan of getting new fun facts every day and it looks like Far Cry 4 is filled with them. At least if you believe everything that is stated in the latest gameplay video for the game that Red Storm and Ubisoft have released into the wild. It is a nice little look at how we will be able to use the elephants in Far Cry 4 as well as some other additional gameplay we can all look forward to come to our PS3, PS4, XB1, XB360, or PCs this coming November. That is going to be a huge month for Ubisoft isn’t it?

If it is to be understood though, we will be able to ride and use these elephants like tanks in Far Cry 4. Not huge news as this was shown back when the game was first announced to some degree but now we get to see just to what extent that we will get to use these pachyderms as we rampage through the game. Here’s the gameplay video that I’ve spoken of for you to watch.

I think it would be awesome if there was a bit of AI mixed into the whole “elephants never forget” aspect that was touched on here. That would make things a whole lot crazier in Far Cry 4 if not only your enemies had to worry about angering one of these elephants but there was some drawback to you messing with them or getting them injured during the game. Could you imagine walking along in Far Cry 4, minding your own business, then ‘bam’ ELEPHANT ATTACK!? I can only imagine the fun videos that would spawn from that.

There is still very little time to add that in Ubisoft if it hasn’t already been included in Far Cry 4. November 18th is still a good chunk away and I’m sure you haven’t started to cut discs just yet. Think about it and give credit.

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